Br. Jackson Illustration: "Run, Idiot, Run!"

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  • yknot


    WOW..... Bro Jackson recycles his presentations too....

    He said the same story (changed teams) back at the DC in 2008.....

  • undercover

    eh, the ole 'end around' play...

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    " We are at the one inch line ..and some are stopping and looking around and wondering where we are in the stream of time.

    RUN!!! IDIOT!!! RUN!!! Don't look at the time...just're almost there."

    Yeah right .... The reason that the player may be standing looking around is because he has been playing this '' game for fifty yrs. ,and has just now realized life has passed him /her by in the mean time . The GB still screaming at the masses to NOT think about it just keep busy ,busy, busy, doing the meaningless tasks we tell you to do .

    I agree with what Mrs.Jones just wrote :

    "We're the event that the universe is watching."

    Delusions of grandeur, the universe is completely indifferent.

  • undercover

    THE GUY WITH THE BALL STOPS!!! ..and he starts looking around for the game clock..and he yells, "how much time do I have left?"

    And you are staring at the TV in disbelief!!! What do you do?

    You yell at the TV -Run, Idiot!!!, Run!!!

    Then the player waits till the one second mark, steps across the line, scoring the winning touchdown and running out the clock so the other team doesn't get a kick-off attempt to score on. All the coaches and all the talking heads across the land marvel at the presence of mind that this young man had to actually observe his situation and make the best use of the time clock.

    Then he graduates from college (OMG! COLLEGE?!). He goes on to the NFL, makes millions of dollars, wins Super Bowls, retires with accolades and is inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He then coaches the next generation of players and is regarded as one of the great minds of the game.

    Meanwhile, the Watchtower Governing Body member Jackson continues to give cult indoctrinating talks that inspire no one. The WTS watches it membership slowly dwindle to just a few hardcore followers who aren't much help to their cause...because they have no education, and no extra income to donate to the WTS. The leadership and it's aging followers continue to wait for an Armageddon that never happens.

    At the time of his death, the football player is remembered by sports fans everywhere. ESPN does documentaries on him. Statues are erected at his alma mater. Scholarship funds are started in his name. His family is well provided for. His kids and grandkids are college grads; successful members of society.

    Jackon dies, is buried. A footnote in the New York Times obits mentions his death. The most mention of his death is a WT magazine article. Most JWs who actually see the article react in wonderment; "Who?" being the main reaction. At Bethel, Jackson's widow is reassigned rooming arrangements and given new work assignments. It was as if she was never a GB wife. Life goes on...on the one inch line of this old system of things.

  • Theocratic Sedition
    Theocratic Sedition

    It's good that the slave sees fit to remind us not be complacent. True Christians have to run the race to the finish.

  • Joliette

    Brother Jackson needs to get tackled by 300lb linemen...along with the rest of the GB.

    Now thats some damn football!

  • jam

    H---e----r---e ,s Johnny, my mistake, h--e---r--e,s MIZ.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty




    dang-gumit wait

    we have a GB who absolutely DESPISES FOOTBALL and we have this yahoo making football parable?!?

    does anyone else see the irony?

  • 00DAD

    ... the one inch line ...


    So where will we be in another 10 years? The 1/4 inch line?

    Wake me when they get to the nano-meter line!

  • WTWizard

    I think it would be blatantly obvious if we were really 2 cm away from the end zone. It would be right there, plain for all to see. And very difficult to stop that close to it and not fall into the end zone.

    However, when we have been in this region since 1872, something is wrong. With just 2 cm to go, why didn't we reach the end zone during the massive push of the 1980s? That was when the witlesses were very active in field circus, pious-sneering meant getting 60 hours a month of actual door knocking (not stopping at Starbucks), going to a door meant actually trying to recruit someone, people didn't have access to the Internet to blow calls, and no one even thought of going in early. With that much momentum, I find it hard to believe anyone could travel 30 meters at that speed and stop 2 cm short of the goal line. Yet, every time someone does a little push (with just 2 cm, that is all it would take), they are still the same 2 cm away from the end zone. Something is wrong, and it's those people that continue thinking the end zone is just 2 cm away that are the idiots.

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