What has happened in JW land in 7 years

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  • St George of England
    St George of England
    Basically, they've rearranged some deck chairs on the Titanic.

    That's it in a nutshell!!

    The GB have become even more strident in their opposition to education. They are desperate to keep the membership as dumb as possible.


    Are there any two day assemblies? or are they all one day long now.
    How long is the sunday meeting now?

    District Conventions - 3 days, Circuit Assemblies - 2 days, Special Assembly Day - 1 day.

    Sunday meeting is 1hr 45 mins since Public Talk reduced to 30 mins.

  • jwfacts

    Less meetings, shorter meetings.

    Less assembly days.

    Less converts per hour preaching.

    Less Bethel Branches

    Less magazines, less pages per magazine.

    A lot more comments that the Governing Body should be trusted by the followers, just as they are trusted by Jehovah.

  • RubaDub

    IMO, the biggest change was the elimination of the book study in homes. That was always purported as being so important since it would be the only meeting we would have when persecution arises and we can no longer meet in our Kingdom Halls.

    Well, that quickly changed and quite frankly I was a bit shocked since less than a year earlier, there was an article in the KM about how important that meeting was.

    Again, IMO, other significant changes include moving most operations out of New York City, shrinking and consolidating Bethel homes in various countries, the overlapping generation teaching and finally some "outside" light shining in on the pedophile situation.

    Rub a Dub

  • cobaltcupcake

    What ever happened to that tired illustration they used to use about the 5 stones in David's bag representing the 5 meetings a week? How did they get around that?

    Basically, they've rearranged some deck chairs on the Titanic.

    I love it!


    The Odd Life of Jehovah's Witnesses

  • Ding

    Some things never change.

    Armageddon is still right around the corner, closer now than ever before.

    Every war, rumor of war, crime, earthquake, tsunami, drought, flood, hail storm, forest fire, heat wave, and cold snap proves that beyond any doubt.

    And when nothing much is happening, people start saying, "True peace and security," and that proves it all the more!

    So you should be feeling terribly guilty for not quitting your job, selling your house, and devoting full time to field service.

    Now you're all caught up...

  • Gayle

    The WTS is moving out of Brooklyn. They've sold several multi-million $$ buildings already. Moving and rebuilding in upstate New York.

    They've closed about 20 of their Branches.

  • Lease

    Wow....loved the comment on rearranging deck chairs. So, it seems like there has not been any changes doctrinally except the one extremely important one of The Time of the End, Generation Definition. I don't get when you say it's overlapping???? How can time overlap? Some functions are changed, but only slightly, credit/debit machines at assemblies, new song book, no Tues. home bible study, etc. But what about the System of Leadership? is it still a dozen annointed governing body...i would think they are all dead? Is it still DO, CO, PO, Elder, MS ? Pioneers , Reg. 90, Aux 60, everyone else 10 hours? Do they still shun?

    Thank you everyone on the information....I have not entered this world of JW Language, I forgot alot of JW life until I started reading your posts, and it all sounds so weird. What a crazy life....the JW life. But, when I was signing out, most of the ones who stayed in really were leading double lives. They did all the entertainment stuff the society said not to. Just a bunch of hypocrits.

    thanks again so much for your time, kindness and information.


  • Gayle

    GB - 7 members now

    REG Pio - 70 hrs now,,aux pio - 50 hrs,,except(so far) aux. pio - one month a year is required only 30 hrs.

  • Ding

    No one else understands the overlapping generation either because it's nonsense, but the basic idea is that "this generation" can refer to all the people who are alive at the time the statement is made. By this reasoning, if two people are alive at the same time they can be said to be in the same "generation."

    So if a person is born in 1914 and lives to 100 and his great-grandson is born just before the older one dies, the two are still in the same "generation."

    If the young one lives to 100, the "generation of 1914" has stretched from 1914 to 2114.

    This buys the GB a lot of time...

    Then they tie it in to the "anointed" class, and since no one is sure just who that is, it buys the GB even more time.

    The irony is that not that many years ago, the GB stressed how short a generation is and the fact that Jesus would have been referring to people who saw WITH UNDERSTANDING the events of 1914, thereby "proving" that the end had to be just around the corner.

  • Londo111

    The Presiding Overseer is now called the COBE (the Coordinator Of the Body of Elders). People in my area tend to pronounce it Co-bee.

    The tone of the Organization has grown harsher and harsher, especially since the split of the public edition of the Watchtower and the Study Edition. More guilt, more fear, more calls for not associating with disfellowshipped family, calling Witnesses and former Witnesses who disagree with their teachings "mentally diseased". There are more calls for authority.

    Calling the Organization "Mother" is back in fashion as well.

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