Were You Ever Comfortable Going From House To House?

by minimus 71 Replies latest jw friends

  • lightreturns

    I was never comfortable with it, as I feel sympathy watching householders squirm. I wouldn't have any problem if the pushy tactics were nonexistent. Having social anxiety I understand when people want to be left alone. Then others rag on you for not caring enough to continue invade others space.

  • simon17

    I was pretty comfortable with it, aside from in my home town when I could run into people from school. That was the worst. I hated going in my home town. I actually at one point compiled a list of all my contacts from school from the phonebook, alphabetical by their street name so I could easily reference if there was a house I needed to skip. It was a pretty clever system.

    I didn't actually want to really discuss anything and neither did the householders so we had our pleasant few seconds together.

    Later when I didn't believe it, I still found it tolerable. You were mostly talking to other people, observing random things, and out in (sometimes) nice weather. And really, if the weather was bad you were probably in the car doing R.V.s.

    This is the only part of things I will occassionally think back fondly to. A lot of funny shit went down in service.

  • Londo111

    Hated it!

    And from what I undestand, some in the Governing Body feel uneasy at the door. And evidently, Rutherford never went, but forced everybody else to do so...

  • blindnomore

    I loved it so much that it wasn't unusual for others to see me out service 7 days a week. I even had dream of going out door to door while on vacation. I was a #1 koolaid drinker.

  • fakesmile

    bad memories. i didnt like it but i went. actually the most uncomfortable part was all of the gossip from the older sisters.

  • wallsofjericho

    i did it and I was okay at too, but I hated every second of it... even when I pioneered I loathed it.

    I used to long for the paradase so I would never have to knock on doors again. oh yes! that WOULD be paradise!

  • minimus

    Ahhh, the car groups!

    If you were in a crappy car group, you knew where you were on the Theocratic Ladder!

  • moshe

    I didn't mind it much at first- but like Chinese water torture it began to hurt more and more--

    I remember getting caught in a lie-

    Householder lady, Q- "are you happy?"

    Me, a pause, - " well,,,,yes"

    lady, "you need to stop lying"

    I think that was the beginning of the final downhill run of the KH roller coaster--

  • apostatethunder

    I hated every second of it, the gossip, the car groups, the selling of magazines, the having to do return calls when the householder was obviously not interested but was friendly enough to talk to us, etc.

    I was never good at it. My return calls never progressed and I still don’t understand how I managed to have a couple of Bible studies over the years, which I am glad to say never progressed either. They are both doing fine, supporting other religions.

    I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself otherwise.

  • ZeusRocks

    I couldn't stand it. I was always hoping that no one was home when it my turn to knock. Even when I believed, I thought door to door work was just a waste of time. Everything in that religion seemed like a chore for me.

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