Anonymous have Bethelite info

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  • snare&racket

    I am as confused as you Simon. I think its a foreign non JW who has access to bethel email addresses. There are around 79 email addresses in the list of people sent to. Including Ron Drage (head of uk factory).

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    It's probably not going to be seen by many recipients, ending up in their spam filters.

    Agreed on the importance of spell checking....

    It's hard to take rogue programmers/hackers as a serious threat, when they don't even show the attention to detail over little things like spellung, and Randomly capitalizing words in The middle of sentences for no good reason....

  • james_woods

    Again - BS.

  • snare&racket

    To open the email you had to enter a password, the clue was MENE MENE ? UPARSIN

    The answer is tekel (thank you google)

    Its the writing on the wall in hebrew (i guess).

    The email was entitled Email threat, this is not spam!

    The only reason i opened it is because i know what hushmail is. I imagine most on the list will just delete it. But having looked through the list again all the bethel heads of department are there, its just there first name initial then thir last name then which is correct. I have a friend who is married now and has a new email add, but his old one is on the list. Plus i left bethel 12 years ago. So goodness knows why i got an email, unless this has come from an old document or old file???

    No idea.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    snare& racket you have a PM.

  • maisha

    SORRY but I agree with JAMES

    BS .

  • snare&racket

    What basis is it BS? You dont have this email in your inbox, I wish i didnt either.

  • clarity

    Snare ... I find this bit interesting .......>


    In it was found a register
    of childabuse-related issues in congregations
    around the world, 27000+ cases


    27000 + cases ............. the last number we had was 23000 cases, 12 yrs ago!

    So this 27000 would seem more logical than thinking the # would still be at 23000!


    Interesting times!!!!

    Keep us informed


  • IsaacJ22

    Bear in mind that Anonymous (or whoever the group is) is supposedly trying to get some attention over this. There are plenty of XJWs who are cheering them on and trying to support their efforts to get attention over this. That could be someone's motivation for sending that message out. Maybe they're hoping it will make the news that Anonymous has broken into Hushmail and the news will then mention the WTS pedo cases in the message?

    I'm honestly not sure about the whole Anonymous story. I will reserve judgment until something actually gets released.

  • rebel8


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