Anonymous have Bethelite info

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  • snare&racket
  • snare&racket

    Stupid IE

    once more.....

    I had an email from a hush email account, it warned me to change or set up a new email account as Anonymous had bethelite email details. Sounds ridiculous right? Well amongst the other people this email was being sent to, there was a list of bethelite email addresses, some of them i know. Some of them were bethel email addresses. I know some of the other people and their emails, so i know someone has a list from somewhere.

    On the off chance this is the bethel trying to rat out people on forums like this by sending altered versions, I am not going to paste it until a few other people have (to see its the same exact message). The email itself claims to be from a foreign CO and I dont believe it for one second. However, someone has accessed this email info somehow.

    I have no idea what it is all about. But someone has illegally given my details out.

    Snare x

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Post the headers of the e-mail and I can verify some things for you.

  • snare&racket

    Its from a hushmail account, all i can tell you is it is from someone called Phineahs, there is a png attached which is a cube with an anonymous globe and the tetragramaton in the middle.

    They have the head of uk bethel factory listed in the emails so whoever it is its genuine. Also a friend from another are of the country is in the list.

    I use my email for work and business and I am totally opposed to the religion. I'll be gutted if it gets screwed over.

    Snare x

  • james_woods
  • snare&racket
  • snare&racket

    I dont believe the email James but they have my email and the head of the factory and a amongst all the other names, people i knew in bethel. So someone has a list.

    The email itself is BS because its pretending to be from a CO. it defo isnt. Its from a non JW and its obvious from the way its written.

  • snare&racket

    This is the email...

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jehovah GOD's
    organisation on Earth!
    I am very sorry to have to send THIS to you!
    The Watchtower headquarter in New York,
    USA have and is still under cyberattack from the
    infimous hacker association called Anonymous.
    This is due to the verdict in the Conti vs
    Watchtower case that Were settled just recently
    (see in USA. Accussation was
    about child-abuse and neglect to report it to legal
    auth. Hence the attack with 'the Society's
    reporting database on Admin2000.
    They broke into the main system and collected
    the ENTIRE DATABASE! In it was found a register
    of childabuse-related issues in congregations
    around the world, 27000+ cases, BUT ALSO
    world! This is Why you receive this email. Be
    aware that your emailaddress that you submitted
    to 'the Society' might now have ended up in the
    'wrong hands'. I suggest that you consider to get
    an other one temporary.
    - IMPORTANT! - if you decide to do so DO NOT
    Now you have been warned! Forward this
    warning to anyone you know that might Also be
    in the same situation!
    May Jehovah GOD continue to bless your hard
    work serving his 'household'. / sinceraly yours
    Brother in faith from Sweden cirquit 14:2

    JW NetSecur w/ loyalty to our great GOD Jehovah!

  • snare&racket

    Also if this is any use to you Anony Mous....

    Cc: [email protected]
  • simon17

    Did they use Google translator to translate some original message into English or something? For goodness' sake, at least use spell and grammar check.

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