Anonymous have Bethelite info

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  • konceptual99

    100% agree that Anon (or anyone else for that matter) is not going to get anything of real value hacking externally. Bethel IT security is taken seriously, so much so that they have a UK based computer security specialist (witness of course) providing support to manage all the DoS and hacking attempts they get.

    There is a database but it is not sitting anywhere that an externally based hacker is going to get to. The guys in Brooklyn are well aware of what people claiming to be associated with Anon are trying to do and it is a mistake to think that they have completely ignored what has been going on as a result of the Conti judgement.

    The only way of digging up really meaningful dirt or info on deep level WTS procedures, policies and data is from the inside as MMM says.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @konceptual99: Agreed.

    I've been reading the pastebin and the idea that Bill Bowen has a copy of the pedo-DB seems way off too. I do not think that information would be allowed outside the confines of the legal department, period. The only way its coming out is by someone physically going into that building and taking it out.


  • lisaBObeesa

    This email is just simple black propaganda. It's just a way to spread info to active JWs about the Candace Conti case, the pedophile list etc.

    Somebody has some (not super secret) email addresses and is trying to get the word out and that's it, imo.

  • maisha

    All that info on pastbin is available with ease, it is not secret stuff,, sort of looks like a scanbot run which can just plck all that stuff up.

    in fact i reckon i can glean far more than that from a net wide scan.

    Anon is not useless as that infosows them to be, in fact i think they would be offended by that.

    Yea anyone can say they are anon but intelegence shows reality.

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