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  • talesin

    Hey, if you're gonna shout, G, do it at Shirley. I was trying to be explanatory. She was the sarcastic one.

    Sorry I can't read tiny type ... I tried to explain.



  • talesin




    THANK YOU DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quirky1

    I'm gonna have my funeral before I die so I can party with everyone one last time...

  • manicmama
  • clarity

    Good idea have the funeral before you die!


    Yeah, if you can't talk to me before I die off!


    Moshe ..2 funny, boy if she is coming back from the dead and she finds out, she's going to be MAD!


    Giordano ....perfect!


    Dagney the ashes thing really scares me!


    designs ... exactly what? from Keats, ...Van Murrin & Bob Dylan


    There are so many things and paperwork to do concerning the death of someone, for sure.

    The worst thing for me was picking out my fathers coffin!


    Thanks to all of you for your comments, they are appreciated


  • flipper

    " Do you want a funeral ? " Not necessarily right now thanks. I'm gonna make 100 yrs. old so yeah, then maybe, but no- not right now, I have too much livin' to do ! LOL ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Funerals are for the living....not the dead.

    People need to grieve...I don't really care about a funeral for myself...but recognise the need for my children to grieve in whatever way they need to. So I support whatever they need to do to help them get through it.

    Funeral customs have developed throughout the years because the living need them. Of course in fairly recent times we pay funeral services to deal with what we now feel is unpleasant and it has turned into big business, especially embalming. Embalming has revolutionised the funeral industry. In communities that still prepare their own dead and stay with them, they benefit, as the very act of doing this is theraputic. We have steralised the process so much we no longer feel connected, and need more and more superfluous rituals to help us through the grief.

    We spend money on expensive coffins, lavish amounts of flowers, all because we want to do our best for the one we have lost. If we looked after our own dead we would probably not feel the need to do this. We would show our love and respect for the person by the way we handled their remains. This used to be the norm. I really feel that the funeral industry has turned grief into an unnatural process...and left us feeling that we need to pay...and the more we spend the more we care. It is disgusting.

  • Quendi

    @ Giordano: Please, please take this the right way. I simply won't read your posts in the future if you can't at least be courteous enough to post them in 12- or 14-point type. This isn't rocket science either. Simply click on the down arrow next to the "Font size" dialogue box and choose the appropriate size. I started posting in 14-point size when someone kindly asked me to do so in order to read my posts. Others want to read your thoughts without undue eye strain. Thank you.

    Now back to the thread. My own wishes are to have no funeral or memorial service. I would much rather have an open house where friends and family can meet to comfort one another, laugh, cry, cuss and discuss my, let us say, "colorful" life. As for my remains, I wish to be cremated, but there is only one place I want the ashes scattered: the scenic overlook just below McClure Pass in Colorado's Crystal River Valley, the most beautiful valley in the entire state. For my Alabama-based family, that is going to be quite a chore, but they have agreed to grant that final wish even if they can't do so right away. And getting them to that spot will be my final gift to them.


  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I don't want one but I'm married to an Egyptian. He doesn't want one either but that would not fly with his family. So if I go first I'll end up with one if not NO WAY!!! I want to be cremated and my friends have a drink for me

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I really dislike most funeral customs.

    So I want my family and closest of friends to have a luncheon and serve my favorite meal and dessert. I want my favorite songs to be played. I want them to share their favorite memories of my life with them.

    Hopefully, this will take place many decades from now.

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