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  • dog is god
    dog is god

    Christ on a cracker!!! It's like hearing the reasoning of Clinton about NOT having sex with ML. Or John Edwards denying the baby was his. They are so totally full of crap way above their heads. They have already drowned in their own crap.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    This is why the GB doesn't want the sheeples setting up websites. They make WT look all the nuttier. I wonder if it's really an exJW.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    I find the Olin Moyle case to be of particular interest. As someone who has worked for managers who engage in “unkind treatment of the staff, outbursts of anger, discrimination, and vulgar language,” I find such behavior to be completely indefensible. Does it prove on brother Rutherford’s part that he was not called of God and elected to lead the church of God? No…there are other evidences of that. But it does prove a lack of charity, benevolence and kindness to which Christians aspire.

    Power tends to corrupt and when men suffer such foibles to begin with, it can adversely affect the lives of all those who work for such managers. I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences. I worked for a military organization which was run by a General who was of my own faith. He didn’t know me or my religion, but I knew him and I despised him because of the way he treated people. Of course he didn’t treat his superiors with his petty outbursts of anger and vulgar language, but he made life miserable for many people in the organization. He ruined many peoples’ careers and when he sought permission to fire his entire office staff, his superiors gruffly suggested that a man who thought everyone who worked for him was incompetent might have some issues of his own to work out. But that kind of treatment affects the health of people lower on the organizational ladder, including people who weren’t executives.

    There has never been any indication that God chose Rutherford to head up His church. There were no revelations, no angels, no theophanies. No, he ruled a manmade organization which had no divine authority. If not, who ordained him? And where did that person get his authority? The world is full of religions started by people who assumed their authority from the Bible. The entire Protestant Reformation is based on the notion that authority comes from the scriptures. Why? Because that’s the only thing left to claim authority from! Alexander Campbell instituted the churches of Christ based on the scriptures. So did Herbert W. Armstrong, who instituted the Worldwide Church of God. Such are false prophets of the age.

    That Moyle won his lawsuits tells us a great deal about Rutherford, a man we’re to believe was led by God’s Holy Spirit. But even if he had been kindly and virtuous, he still lacked God’s authority. In Isaiah 11, we’re told that God would set his hand a second time to recover His people, Israel, from the nations of the world. There are numerous scriptures that speak of God returning Judah to their ancestral homeland. The first time was when the Lord gathered His people back to Jerusalem following the Babylonian captivity. The “second time” mentioned in Isaiah 11 culminated in Judah being returned to its lands and established as Israel in 1947. The fact that Rutherford and the Bible students missed this indicates to me that they were not led by the Holy Spirit. Instead, because it hadn’t happened yet, they gave it a “spiritual” fulfillment and saw themselves as that gathering. Then, in 1948, Israel was attacked by vastly superior forces and it miraculously prevailed as Zechariah and other prophets had proclaimed. The fact that Rutherford and the students missed it shows a lack of spiritual discernment that indicates it was just another manmade religion. And that they failed to catch their error only adds to the problem.

    So Rutherford’s ill treatment of the flock is just another indication of his lack of authority. I don’t believe a prophet of God would be so lacking in charity. And if he wasn’t a prophet, then who is he that he should assume God’s authority without being called of God or having His authority?

    Finally, I object to the Society's use of the term “ slave. ” I will be God's servant and his son, and I will be His friend, but never His slave. It's a vulgar term and should be changed to the correct translation.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Any educated person knows there is a big difference between joining the United Nations (one would have to be a sovereign state) and being associated with one as a nongovernmental organization (since you are not a sovereign nation).NGOs are NOT neutral by definition. One must apply. You just don't go stand out on a street corner and the UN shows up with a PeaceMobile out of the clear blue sky. I NEVER have seen any claim that the Witnesses joined the UN on this site.

    Rutherford's Letter is antiSemitic on its face. One need not interpolate or extrapolate. The very text is antiSemitic. No discussion is needed to explain why it is antiSemitic. Targeting Jews and stressing how you are so much like the Nazis and not the Jews is antiSemitic.

    I am glad this person has such poor reasoning and writing skills.

    Imagine a sophisticated JW apologist! It is possible.

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