This site: Jehovah's Witnesses refute! Deals with apostate accusations

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  • Sauerkraut

    Mwahaharrr, this is funny: " It is clear that membership of the United Nations under the applicable conditions is not appropriate for the Society. As soon as the membership and its conditions became public, the brothers took steps and cancelled the membership of the Society!"

    As soon as they were caught they cancelled the membership is what it should read.

  • BluesBrother

    Hoisted by their own petard;

    "Our refutation can start with simply establishing the publications of the Society never predicted with certainty Armageddon would come in 1975. At most, it spoke of what would probably take place.................................

    It is clear the Society itself takes responsibility for the (false) expectations that people had."

  • undercover

    This poor soul... doesn't he know that the Watchtower Society does not approve of independant JW sites that support or defend the WTS? Only authorized WT sites are used for that purpose. This guy is flirting with grieving the holy spirit with his disobedience and independance. It's almost as if he doesn't regard the warnings from the Society as valid, which makes him....{gasp} APOSTATE!

  • cyberjesus

    And the people who get to read his answers is people who want knowledge and his answers are just excuses and not even accurate... Therefore I think the site is good either way.

  • Quendi


  • Scott77

    In retrospective , this site is a good thing and kudos to anyone who set it up. If its pro-Watchtower, the content of the messages such as the Watchtower membership to the United Nation for instance, will be widely spread and read. In the end, it will stir up more research in the minds of 'doubting thomases' who are otherwise, disinclined to read apostate sites. That is my thinking.


  • Terry

    I agree with cyberjesus that this proves how many inroads are being made!

    Active True Believing JW's are AWARE of all the problems with their religion.

    This site is a kind of fire drill.

    The owner of the site is STEPPING OUTSIDE of the boundry line as marked by the Governing Body.


    His cognitive dissonance isn't being managed very well!!

    There is more doubt and rational thought than he can comfortably handle.

    He is in full tilt! Even to the point of violating strict guidelines against visiting apostate sites and reading anti-JW writings.

    Well done, Apostate community...well done!

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Undercover said:

    This poor soul... doesn't he know that the Watchtower Society does not approve of independant JW sites that support or defend the WTS? Only authorized WT sites are used for that purpose.

    I'm wondering if they don't engage in an updated version of a technique they used in the past, paying a JW author to write a favorable book about the history and teachings of the JW under an alias, then using a secular printing company so it appears to be independent.

    There's some people posting pro-JW videos on YouTube, and I've had mildly criticial comments (that were polite, but factual) deleted. It wouldn't surprise me the JWs used such undercover techniques, of using "independent" marketing firms to spread their message via the internet to stir up interest.

  • cedars

    I love this little gem on the home page:

    Facts found on this site do not (always) reflect the official view of the Society.

    Then what the hell is the point of the website then?!


  • cyberjesus

    Ha ha, Good point.. Lets think about it...

    The writer spent a lot, A LOT of time already reading this "widespread rumors on the internet" he can actually mention several point, so he was curious enough to 1)find those sites, 2)disobey Mama and read them, 3) think about them for hours, 4)try to come up with a believable excuse, 5) researching the info for answers 6) come up with a story, 7) Create a website about them (disobeying the GB again)

    The result? he is spreading the rumors even more :-D the best of all is that they are not even rumors ha ha

    And now other people will get to his site and read them and research more.....

    Thats what happens when you disobey your dictator

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