WT recently settled out-of-court with 5 victims of JW serial molester. Court documents now available to post on any website

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Repeat and Re-peat!

    'Thank you Barbara for your tireless work in this matter, you are an angel!'

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    what is ini the public domain files? does it explicitly show that he was molesting children before and after being appointed an ms and an elder? I would love to show my mom this as it blows out the water the idea that elders and such are appointed by holy spirit

  • AndersonsInfo

    Ahhhhh, thanks for calling me an angel. I bet WT doesn't call me that. To them I'm the .

    Yes, the public domain files explicitly show that Campos was molesting children before and after being appointed an ms and elder.

    There are many extraordinary "Exhibits" in the documents that came from WT of NY and from local elders that they tried not to give up during the discovery process. Even went to the judge to argue why they shouldn't have to give up the letters, etc. to the Plaintiffs. But he didn't fall for their pleadings. It's in these Exhibits that you will read the details of what the elders and WT knew about Campos and it wasn't pretty! No claim of holy spirt made by WT. (As things turned out, I think they probably would have liked to say that "the devil made them do it - appoint him, that is.)


  • purplesofa

    Thanks for posting.

    Please, please if nothing else, all these cases being brought out, will make people see that child molesters

    do not just repent and all is ok. That we protect the children.

    Barbara and all that stick to this day in and day out, year after year.


  • Balaamsass


  • AndersonsInfo

    We did try to get coverage for the Zalkin case but the media wanted to know the amount of the settlement and we couldn't provide that, so no go. I don't think the Conti case would have had much coverage outside of the N. California area except that the jury award was the largest for a single victim of child abuse that every happened. That was the hook. There wasn't one for the Zalkin case even though Mr. Zalkin sent important documents to show the worst possible side of the WT religion.


  • stuckinamovement

    Barb, will the amount of the settlement be made public at some point in the future?


  • diamondiiz

    So were these settlements done in a similar manner as that of 2007 where the victims got cash settlements in exchange for their silance afterwards? So the cash settlement can't be disclosed and their full story cannot be told outside of the legal documents?

    If such is the case, any future victims should take wts law suits right to trial and not settle anything prior to.

    After Conti trial and the money awarded, future offers to silance the victims will have to be that much greater or the victims will push for court trial to judge the damages they deserve from wts. WTS' days of covering these crimes is over!!!

  • metatron

    I thought that the clergy-penitent defense was dead in the water already, that no court will uphold it with regard to the Watchtower.

    So, this guy does this to child after child and nobody reports him to authorities? Ever? Not once?

    This is a spiritually sick organization.


  • skeeter1

    btt for Marvin in case he missed it earlier today.

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