WT recently settled out-of-court with 5 victims of JW serial molester. Court documents now available to post on any website

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  • AndersonsInfo

    On May 20, 2010, a lawsuit was filed in San Diego, California. Defendant, the Watchtower of NY, settled out-of-court for an unknown amount of money with the Plaintiffs just weeks before the Candace Conti trial began at the end of May 2012 in Oakland, California. The law firm representing the five Plaintifs in this case was

    Irwin Zalkin

    The Zalkin Law Firm, P.C.

    12555 High Bluff Drive, Suite 260

    San Diego, CA 92130

    (858) 259-3011 (800) 617-2622

    The Case NO is: 37-2010-00092450-CU-PO-CTL.

    The names of the Plaintiffs are listed as John Dorman, Individually, and Joel Gamboa, Individually. The Defendants were the La Jolla Congregation, the Linda Vista Congregation, JWs supervisory organization (Watchtower of NY) and a number of it's agents in the two congregations. Also, the perpetrator was a Defendant.

    A short profile about the Perpetrator, Gonzalo Campos:

    Gonzalo Campos was raised by his mother, a JW. He was 17 when he was baptized as a JW minister in 1980 and became a publisher. In 1982, when Campos was 19, the body of elders of the La Jolla Congregation discussed a molestation accusation made against him by a child and his mother in the La Jolla congregation to various congregation elders.

    The elders assigned two of their own elders to investigate. They did not form a judicial committee because Campos denied the complaint and there were not the required “two witnesses” to the molestation as the only witness was the victim. Nothing further was done.

    Around 1983, Campos, when he was 20, was conducting a Bible study with a boy, age 6. Campos molested this boy until he was 8.Campos was made a ministerial servant in 1988 although during the years 1986-1988, there had been dealings with him over accusations of molestation. He was “reproved” sometime during those years, yet he was made a MS in 1988. Apparently Campos did everything he was supposed to do because in 1993 he was made an elder. Campos was disfellowshipped June 9, 1995 and reinstated, April 21, 2000. He presently resides in Mexico, address known because he was deposed in Zona Rio, TIJUANA B.C. Mexico on September 2, 2011.

    The court documents reveal that Campos molested at least seven children, six male and one female and tried to molest two more. Plaintiff's attorney said that Campos is a serial molester.

    NOTICE: All the public domain court documents from this now settled out-of-court lawsuit will be on my website shortly (www.watchtowerdocuments.com), but The Zalkin Law Firm has given approval to anyone who is interested and owns a website dedicated to informing the public about the harmful policies of the Watchtower religion can obtain from me these documents at no charge with the intention to post them on their website.

    The documents will also be posted on The Zalkin Law Firm website (http://www.zalkin.com). Hopefully, in this way clear and convincing evidence of the WT's responsibility for not protecting children from sexual abuse will be accessed and revealed to all interested parties.

    Website owners, please PM me if you would like to have all the documents sent to you by email. They are pdf files. Let's spread these important documents all around the net, okay? I don't have time to send individuals the documents, but if there is enough interest, I will get someone to help out and send them to you. Just PM me if you want to have this important material sent to you to read at your leisure.


  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Well done Barb! When will they realize there is no "spiritual paradise" where wolf like individiauls will cause no harm. Remeber that being touted in the 80's? One of the reasons I was attracted to the WTBS was due to having seen first hand what the priests did in my former RC church. No better.

  • Gayle

    Ugh,,the tsunami begins,,,but about time,,how such a person even after being "reproved" for such, was later made an M.S. and even an elder,,is beyond comprehension,,and 7 victims. So revolting.

    Because of "settlement,' can't know how much I guess. At least $4M?

    (Barbara, thank you for your earnest quest in this such exposure)

  • AndersonsInfo

    I just read the following information on the Zalkin website, http://ww.zalkin.com :

    NBC's Rock Center With Brian Williams

    On tonight's episode of Rock Center, hosted by Brian Williams, the show will take a closer look into the brutality of sex abuse crimes that plague too many foreign exchange students within the U.S. Making a special appearance on the show will be none other than our very own, Attorney Irwin Zalkin. The episode will play out much like an exposé, casting a discerning eye on the terrors faced by some victims of sexual abuse who were perpetrated by the same families that invited the foreign exchange students into their homes for a long-term stay overseas. Currently, more than 25,000 visas are granted to high school students that come to the United States to spend an academic semester or school year in another country. These students are often parented by individuals who unsuspectingly shell out tens of thousands of dollar to the organizations that have been approved by the State Department to house minors studying abroad.

    Specifically, the show will look into the fact that many of these students are sexually taken advantage of by a host family member with a predatory past. The recent case that Mr. Zalkin handled concerning four victims of sexual abuse will be referenced in relation to the news story's overall investigation. As Zalkin points out, there is simply not enough oversight of these programs to ensure that potential repeat offenders are denied the right to house incoming foreign students. There are not enough homes and families to sufficiently house everyone coming overseas to study in the states, a problem Zalkin emphasizes as key to the issue at hand. While the State Department has continued to adamantly defend its programs, Rock Center has found well over 60 cases of alleged sexual abuse and/ or harassment that were conducted by a host parent, and Mr. Zalkin's recent case is a testament to the very real nature of this problem.

    If you or someone you know was involved in a sexual abuse case anywhere in the United States, then you should not let that matter go unnoticed. These are serious criminal offenses that deserve aggressive legal attention, and this is true whether you are a foreign exchange student, a local resident, or a visiting out-of-towner. The Zalkin Law Firm, P.C. has handled a number of cases similar to the ones that will be explored on tonight's episode of Rock Center, and the firm has helped survivors across the country. Mr. Zalkin himself is an AV-rated attorney, and our entire team is prepared to take on cases of sexual abuse and work to expose the perpetrators. Throughout the nation, you can call the firm toll-free to be connected with a California sexual abuse attorney from the firm that will assist with your case.

  • blindnomore

    Wow! But it's believable. We have another Campos here in my area. I personally know 3 of his victims. He was never prosecuted for his crimes mainly because of the Watchtower Pedophile Protection Program. Let's a ball rolling. Justice for our children!

    Thank you so much for everything you do, Barbara!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    From (1) JW child molester to (2) JW publisher child molester to (3) baptized JW child molester to (4) JW ministerial servant child molester to (5) JW Elder child molester. Disgusting!

    Thank you Barbara for sharing. This one is for you.....

  • satinka

    Great work! Well done, andersonsinfo!



  • BorgHater

    Thanks for your tireless efforts Barbara.

  • Wilfried
  • Refriedtruth

    Good to know bravo Barb!

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