WT recently settled out-of-court with 5 victims of JW serial molester. Court documents now available to post on any website

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    http://www.zalkin.com/Sexual_Abuse/Jehovahs_Witness_Abuse.aspx This firm has a specialized Jehovah's Witnesses sexual abuse page


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    Well, I hope the media gets ahold of this one! I wonder what the WTS reply will be? "The 5 victims claim to have been molested . . . . " Can't appeal an out-of-court settlement. WTS admits its guilt with each & every out of court settlement. Wonder what a jury would have awarded these 5 victims? Better sell more assets, dear WTS!

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    guys, is this not the worst 8 weeks in the history of watchtower? i mean the hits just keep coming. how many cases are being fought right now? and how many will be filed? this is epic!!!!!

    for the first time, i really truly feel as though watchtower is going down.

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    Must read associated thread of evidence that the Watchtower maintains a pedophile perpetrator database that is not shared with law enforcement.

    The highly credible BBC television estimated the pedophile database 10 years ago numbered 27,000 offenders and counting

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    Refriedtruth, Thank you for posting related helpful links!

    It's truly a team work. Every little act in our part, even just posting on this thread would help in exposing the child molesters and their accomplice, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

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    Barbara, as ever thank you so much for your continued concern and the up

    to date

    information! .

    Without your 'smarts' the struggle would be harder.

    This expose of the wt is snowballing ..... and picking up more dirt on the way!


    Refried ... thanks for those links!!!!!!


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    Nationwide Sexual Abuse Lawyer

    http://www.zalkin.com/Sexual_Abuse/Jehovahs_Witness_Abuse.aspx This firm has a specialized Jehovah's Witnesses sexual abuse page


    FROM LINK-For members of a close-knit religious organization, reporting a crime is often not only difficult - but downright impossible. This is no different than when considering the members of the Jehovah's Witnesses. In this religious group, like many others, the members form a detached and isolated group, essentially cutting the victims off from the outside world should abuse occur.

    Sexual Abuse Within the Jehovah's Witnesses

    Due to church policy, sexual abuse is often ignored, and should an allegation be made, it is often either covered up or decried as unfounded. The Jehovah's Witnesses practice what is known as a " two witness" rule - which is allegedly used to help work against the possibility of a false accusation. This rule is said to be based off the group's interpretation of Deuteronomy 19:15 and 1 Timothy 5:19; it requires that an accusation of sexual abuse to be backed by at least two witnesses. One of the witnesses may be from DNA or other scientific evidence.

    If there is only one witness, however, the accused is to be placed under careful monitoring. They also might lose some of their privileges; however, no other steps are taken. Due to such policies as this, there have been many accusations over the years that the group has taken place into an elaborate cover-up of all sexual predators. By mainly dealing with the accusations internally, they rarely turn over a sexual offender to law enforcement. This not only leaves victims vulnerable - it leaves the offender unpunished and essentially free to abuse again."


    Watchtower your gig is up

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    marking!! thank you!

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