Jesus ,the son of GOD,on earth as a man,never wrote down his words of wisdom,message of salvation,only talked to a minority group,majority of what he preached was never recorded by observers,?

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  • smiddy

    Doesn`t this sound a little bit odd to you ? According to christendom/jehovah`s witnesses in particular , the greatest man who ever lived,had the means at his disposal,to write down everything he had to say for the benefit of all mankind ,jew and gentile,and he never availed himself of this priveledge .Rather most of what he had to say, according to the bible, was lost,no one recorded all he spoke ..He was quite content to leave it up to a few, who would put his words to pen,many of which were not eyewitness accounts to his deeds.,but received the information secon-hand

    If the Almighty God Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ were in anyway serious, wouldn`t they have made this" SO IMPORTANT" message available to all mankind ? at the same time,? in China, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and all the distant lands of the earth ? Giving everybody equal oppurtunity ? Why have the people of India ,Pakistan,Bangladesh,China,India,Indonesia,etc.etc. large populations of earth been deprived of this life saving message for two centuries ?

    As has been demonstrated many times before here, and a number of other forums,peoples beleifs are largely due to upbringing,and whatever land you happened to be born in,giving some an unfair advantage over other lands.

    I hope I have articulated my questions satisfactory,and would like your feedback whatever they may be.


  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    And the most influential writer of alleged christian teachings and rules was none other than a converted pharasee...


  • Qcmbr

    ..and when it was written down it was allowed to be interpreted without further divine correction thenceforth generating many thousands of belief systems. Wasn't that important a message. Also any particular reason why he came when he did? - seems that Jesus should have died for all sins the afternoon of the alleged apple incident rather than turning up in the middle of a Roman occupation where the media was largely the spoken word.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    The timing of Jesus' "appearance" has also bothered me too. Why 2000 years ago? Surely any time in the last 100 years would have served the purpose better, photography, film, radio, TV would have been a huge plus surely to convince the world. But no, all we have is 2nd / 3rd hand reports written several DECADES after the supposed events took place.

    2000 years is a very long time for nothing to happen. At what point in human history will mankind finally realise nothing will happen and he aint coming back? 3000 years? 4000 years? 6000 years?

  • Sulla

    It seems odd, smiddy, if you think the most important thing about Jesus is what he said. Christianity has historically been the product of a Church that claims to bear witness to the fact of the resurrection. So, whatever he said is important only because of the resurection, which the Church constantly asserts. If you don't accept that claim, then whatever he said doesn't much matter.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This is a great question, and one that rolled around in my head my entire life. Of course thought-terminating clich├ęs such as "Evidently, it wasn't god's will to have him write a book" would snuff out any sparks of intelligence.

  • elderelite

    Oz, not only was th most prolific writer a pharasie, he never meet or talked to the man he wrote about.

  • Fernando

    God's ultimate message, called the unabridged gospel or "good news", the antithesis (or exact opposite) of religion, is hidden in plain sight, for anyone to find, throughout the Judeo-Christian-Muslim scriptures.

    These scriptures are known as the Torah/OT/Tawrat, Zabur/Psalms, and NT/Injeel/Injil, or simply the Bible (which is surprisingly affirmed in/by the Qur'an).

    Anyone finding, following and yielding to this generous and priceless message is liberated from control systems such as religion (which is based on fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment, oppression and exploitation).

    The gospel should be known to Hebrew speaking persons as the "bissar".

    The gospel should be known to Arabic/Urdu speaking persons as the "injeel" or "injil".

    Religion/ists keep/s us ignorant of the gospel/bissar/injeel/injil, which is the ultimate cure-all, and the ultimate map leading to reconciliation with the God of Abraham, through Yeshua/Jesus/Isa.

    How might one get started finding the 30 or more markers of this map?

    One could search for and mark each of the roughly 152 occurrences of the word "gospel" or phrase "good news" in their Bible. Websites such as or can help. Even the wt library search tool is excellent for this.

    It is this message that transformed persons like Ray Franz and Martin Luther. It is therefore this message that delivered scores of new freedoms to us in the first reformation of Western society beginning in 1517. Very few of us would even have been born if the world order had not been rearranged by this message to deliver the set of permutations that led to our parents meeting.

  • designs

    Study the 4 Gospels and the NT after thoroughly understanding Judaism from a jewish source like a Rabbi and then you will know what is wrong with Jesus and his message.

  • Sulla

    -- from the Jewish perspective. But this isn't news to us, is it designs? The Jewish complaints with Christianity are pretty well documented going all the way back to the Dialogue With Trypho, are they not?

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