The new kids DVD - was it deliberate? What are we missing?

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  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    That DVD is just about the dumbest thing ever to come from behind Watchtower walls. The whole thing is inexplicable.

    Marvin Shilmer

  • shamus100

    I have to disagree with most here...

    It didn't surprise me in the least. They are capable of vomitting out much stupider things than that slylock drivel... or whatever the devil the evil toy is...

    Jeez, you ever read the mastrubation page on the original youth book? D: Rather stunning.

  • dontplaceliterature

    I don't think they messed up at all. These guys have been doing this for a while, cedars. They are a well oiled machine. The R&F will gobble this up. It will be "so incredible" to them that the society is "so advanced" as to come out with an entirely computer animated video for kids, even though a 16-year-old could have downloaded a free program, Blender, and done the same thing in his bedroom.

    99% of the Jehovah's Witnesses will view this as a blessing and run as fast as they can to show it to their studies' kids. Meanwhile, all of the Jehovah's Witness kids will be forced into ditching anything connected to magic, just like they are going to be told they can never go to college as the society tightens its grip. Mission accomplished.

  • Poztate
    Or are the Society really THAT stupid

    I vote for stupid... They seem to have more than enough of it to go around.

    Also, I keep thinking of how embarrassingly short the whole production is.

    Was this not just a "promo" for the main event. I think on another thread it was explained that future episodes would be available for dowmload from in the new year. I am sure a request for a "donation" would be in there someplace. This might be a new cash cow for them..$$$

  • NewYork44M

    I watch the Sparlock video several time before I was aware it was a Wt video. It looked too much like a parody with a message that was embarrassing to the Wt.

    Given the nature of the video, I could believe a conspiracy related to the release of our friend Sparlock.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I think it's the medium (computer animation) that has just amplified the society's negative, thought control message. Like Marshall McLuhan said, "the medium is the message"

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I betcha every Dub in my family will see it as timely food from the FDS & everyone who disparages it as a minion of Satan.

    The only way it would tickle any brain cells would be if they trashed the video, or denied it's concept, before knowing full story.

  • donuthole

    A death in the family this weekend prompted the rare opportunity to spend time with some JW family members. As I watched them engage with the our "wordly" relatives it occured to me just how delusional they are. Because they are sequestered within their closed, inbred community they have no capacity to understand just how weird they are to outsiders. For example, my sister-in-law boasted about how she had to go retrieve her child from outside playing with the neighbors on family worship night, and how she had to reprimand him for throwing a fit about it, lest he bring reproach on Jehovah. If you 3D animated her she could have been Sparlock 2. I really think that is how it is for this video -- within the cult, all will nod and say what a "godsend" this is, not knowing just how creepy it is to non-JW's.

  • simon17

    For me, most of it resides in the facial expression. In animation, every movement in every frame is very carefully crafted. A lot of this centers on the mom, and the difference between what she was saying and her facial expressions. A good example of this is when she mentions Caleb's friends, the disapproval is strong. Then there is the way she hisses out the name "Satan". A lot of effort was made to make her appear evil and manipulative. Another example is the hissy fit she threw in Caleb's mind as he thought about her finding out he had gotten dirt on the floor. It was very over played. This video makes JW mothers appear shrewish, manipulative and evil. Someone inside had to be aware of this, even as many were also clueless about how this would appear to outsiders. Another thing is Caleb's expressions. Even though he did the "right thing" to make Jehovah happy, it is very obvious that this whole episode really crushes his spirit, right up to the very end. Perhaps a manifestation of what some of the producers felt in their own JW past?

    Perfectly said. The facial expressions are conveying terrible subtle messages.

    Though this process Caleb is so sad. And its not that he's getting a rewarding satisfaction of "learning" something. Its so clear that he is just getting railroaded into doing something contrary to his nature and to common sense, forced to accept it, and then partially placated by his moms emotional bait and switch to some lame biking adventure.

    And the mother is very extreme in her facial expressions. Her sighs of disapproval (in front of Caleb and even when he isn't watching), her manipulative glances and glares, her over-reactive sobbing. She is cold and says ridiculous things like, I'm proud of you for obeying, as if Caleb was supposed to be a loyal pet dog and she's having trouble breaking him.

  • yknot

    My 2-cents....

    Brilliant Theocratic Bipartisanship!

    Seriously...Hats off and generous applause to the brokers......

    The video was disturbing, reminiscent and will be the foundation of future concscious class/exjw members!!!

    Yes it is sad many will have to suffer but suffer they would one way or in the clutches of 'Mother' isn't a stroll in paradise!

    So welcome my future generations of disbelievers.....aunty yknot and all us have been waiting for you to blossom into the brilliant independent thinkers you have always been inside!


    I do hope we get some grieved parents joining jwn as this 'encouraging' offering makes its way through the DC season...


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