The new kids DVD - was it deliberate? What are we missing?

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  • Jeffro

    I think some people may be reading a bit too much into the dramatized and exaggerated style of the animation (e.g. things Caleb imagines). The exaggeration is typical of films like Toy Story and The Incredibles on which this video is fairly transparently modelled. However, it certainly seems to be a faux pas to employ that kind of comical exaggeration, because it is too easily confused with the supposedly serious parts of the film that are so irrational. ("Magic is bad. That's why Jehovah hates it."—hasn't anyone told little Jehovah that plastic toys aren't really magical?)

    The new video is purportedly a "Special Edition", and the reason for producing such a short video (i.e. lower production costs) seems to suggest that this release essentially constitutes 'market research' to determine whether it will be financially viable to produce longer animations. The technique is similar to when McDonalds or Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King) have a 'special' menu item for a 'limited time' or when Coca Cola introduced Vanilla Coke (yuck). If the 'special' item does well, it may become a regular menu item.

    But aside from that, I've had a theory (just a theory) for a little while about some of the things published recently by the Watch Tower Society - 'Selma and Steve', attitude toward those who leave, and now the Sparlock DVD. It seems to me that the Society might put out some of these unfavourable messages to deliberately shed some members, hanging on to the hard-core JWs and letting go of some of the 'fringe-dwellers' who consume literature for very little return to the Society. That is, those who are less likely to accept everything, more likely to do independent research, less likely to distribute literature, and, most importantly, less likely to donate.

    This pattern is consistent with JWs becoming more insular, and the GB putting more focus on a 'spiritual paradise' as 'separate', which will gradually allow them to put less focus on a 'literal' paradise, so they can then claim that the 'kingdom' is here and Armageddon was symbolic after all. See

  • truthseeker

    Next up:

    The new super hero Sparlock will appear in the next Avengers movie.

  • EmptyInside

    I agree with nugget,it's just like their modern-day dramas at conventions. It's all very unrealistic and exaggerated.

    Actually,in real life,poor Caleb would be beat silly for bringing home a demonized toy.

  • blondie

    I don't know I still remember the Noah video and how amateurish it was, embarrassing.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The GB has a sort of Donald Trump mentality, that everything they do is wonderful, they're the smartest men on earth, and they surround themselves with toadies and yes-men. They probably called in kids and talked to them, showing them the videos before they were released. They were probably told how wonderful the videos were, with nobody daring to say that they seemed manipulative.

    Morris promises in the intro that this is 'just a taste', with many more videos to come in the series. I agree with Jeffro that this should've had more market research by WT before the release at the DC. Instead, this is their market research but with the prophecy that it's going to be a big, on-going series. We'll see. I think they underestimated the effects of youtube.

    The next episodes of the series will involve the parents condemning youtube and facebook, but renamed 'myview' and 'aceplace' or something.

  • flipper

    The fact that the WT society is freaking out over copyright infringement and this Sparlock thing going viral in a very negative way - leads me to kind of think that MOST of the WT people at Bethel involved with this totally underestimated the negative public reaction or possibly the negative phone calls they may be receiving at Bethel from even JW's themselves. If their was a sabotage person, or persons - it may have been just a few involved who are staying silent and enjoying watching Bethel authority figures scurrying around putting out the fires.

    Perhaps it may have been the same influence that wrote the article saying that Elisa should have been better " Christian " and not complained that her non-Witness husbad beat her up in the Watchtower a few months ago ? Perhaps we are beginning to see a trend here if indeed there is someone sabotaging various output of information in WT society releases. If that is happening - pretty cool if you ask me. I hope it exposes the WT society for the evil , manipulative cult it is

  • cedars

    Hm, good points all. I think having reflected on what some of you have said, it's safe to say this WAS epic stupidity on the part of the Society, but maybe with a bit of sub-conscious projection thrown in by the makers, who will all have doubtless grown up in suppressive JW family environments themselves. This would explain how the Mum very definitely comes across as evil, and the child miserable. They were delivering a script that pleased the governing body, but unknowingly projecting their childhood despair onto the characters. I can buy that.

    I think it's also true that the Governing Body are so well insulated from the real world and surrounded by "yes men" that they would fail to spot how damaging the DVD will prove to be to their image in the long run. I genuinely feel that even some of the die-hard dubs will look back on this DVD in years to come with a sigh of embarrassment. That the GB members could fail to spot how evil and manipulative the Mom is simply demonstrates how detached and out-of-touch they all are with reality. They have been surrounded by fakeness for decades now, and they now think fakeness is reality. That does explain it.

    As to the shortness of the DVD, I still can't rationalize it. I don't think it's as simple as "more DVDs = more contributions". It's possible that some dubs will have contributed for the DVD at the convention before having seen it. On the other hand, if I had got the DVD at the convention and taken it home BEFORE contributing, there's no way I would have given a penny for it the next day - even during my heaviest indoctrination. Even back then I wasn't THAT stupid. As I've explained on other threads, fake and over-dramatized dramas done in an American accent already grate on British convention audiences. I can't imagine how any but the most die-hard British publishers could bring themselves to pay money for the privilege of being subjected to this drivel in the comfort of their own homes.

    Finally, another thing that hints to me strongly that this was not intended to be so short is that fact that only Caleb is used as a character, when he has a sister "Sofia". If you were planning a two-episode animated drama involving a family with two children, you would surely use the boy in one episode, and the girl in the other. Maybe I'm over-analyzing, but whichever way I look at it, I can't see the shortness of this production being intentional from the outset of the project. I have no proof though.


  • yknot


    In my home, my congregation...... the guilting of poor Caleb, right down to the defeated look on his face as soon as he discerns a reproof coming from parents or from within-......was a weekly if not daily occurance...

    The GB's new clothes continues to display the sheer brilliance of those hardworking undercover Weavers of the Watchtower.......

    I wonder if they will release anymore........I can see at least one more because the GB don't wanna back down, stay the course to fake a 'save face' but seriously got PUNK'D

    I was a bit 'concerned' that Dad wasnt wearing a jacket....

  • Jeffro


    Finally, another thing that hints to me strongly that this was not intended to be so short is that fact that only Caleb is used as a character, when he has a sister "Sofia". If you were planning a two-episode animated drama involving a family with two children, you would surely use the boy in one episode, and the girl in the other.

    Maybe in the next instalment, Sophia gets a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Or heaven forbid, ...Sofia reads romantic fiction!! The little slut.

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