The new kids DVD - was it deliberate? What are we missing?

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  • nugget

    The DVD links to a specific song in the book listen, obey and be blessed. It also addresses a key issue for the organisation of the young leaving in their droves. The DVD has the same feel as an assembly demonstration which are usually exaggerations of everyday situations complete with the little lapses whilst the person reflects on the council. What the society failed to appreciate that whilst a demonstration in an arena is over and done with and soon forgotten the DVD allows for people to actually think about what they saw and replay it again if they wish. Because it is in their home and seen out of context of the convention people can be more critical and the control elements jar on the senses.

    Where the society screwed up is thinking that the modern day drama scenarios would play out the same way on a DVD. It is typical laziness really not appreciating that this medium would need a lighter touch.

    Remember they are in a sealed environment and way behind the times, they are slow to react and are used to rehashing the same tired demos year after year. They really don't think about what they are doing. I don't think it was deliberate sabotarge. I think it was arrogance and a failure to appreciate that the young they are targeting have a much better bullshit detector than their parents. The whole condescending tone shows that they really have no idea who they are talking to.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    actually be proof that there are operatives inside Watchtower HQ who are deliberately sabotaging the Society's material? Or are the Society really THAT stupid that they would score such a dramatic own goal, i.e. with Sparlock?

    I'll take door #2. They really are 20 years+ behind on everything

  • slimboyfat

    But there are dangling little things that make one wonder. For me, most of it resides in the facial expression. In animation, every movement in every frame is very carefully crafted. A lot of this centers on the mom, and the difference between what she was saying and her facial expressions. A good example of this is when she mentions Caleb's friends, the disapproval is strong. Then there is the way she hisses out the name "Satan". A lot of effort was made to make her appear evil and manipulative. Another example is the hissy fit she threw in Caleb's mind as he thought about her finding out he had gotten dirt on the floor. It was very over played. This video makes JW mothers appear shrewish, manipulative and evil. Someone inside had to be aware of this, even as many were also clueless about how this would appear to outsiders. Another thing is Caleb's expressions. Even though he did the "right thing" to make Jehovah happy, it is very obvious that this whole episode really crushes his spirit, right up to the very end. Perhaps a manifestation of what some of the producers felt in their own JW past?
    There is an area between outright stupidity and deliberate sabotage. That is the area of the subconscious minds of the producers. Perhaps that is what we see and is getting telegraphed to those who recognize it.

    Excellent analysis, I agree entirely. Someone involved in production has got to have been aware on some level that the message of the film could be subversive. It doesn't mean they have to be outright apostate, as there are many shades of discontent.

    It's times like this I wish Dider were still around. Just when we think everything that could be said about Sparlock has been said, he would come up with a band new perspective, based on Lacanian psychoanalysis or something equally obscure.

  • Paralipomenon

    I think it's legit.

    This is like watching Grandpa dancing to rap music to try to seem "cool".

    It's a perfect storm of awful that has a trainwreck effect. You just can't look away from how horrible it is.

  • Morbidzbaby

    I think that the reason it was kept so short is simple... The WTBTS doesn't want kids watching excessive amounts of television or other movies instead of doing Family Worship, going out in Field Circus, or going to meetings. Guaranteed, they will have a Q&A session on this sometime in the next year, just like they do with all of their videos. This is meant to be a "supplement" to parental brainwashing inculcating sessions.

    Something else I was thinking... The past couple of years, the "Faith in Action" DVD's have been released...and there's not only blatant lies and half-truths in them, but in the first one I saw a photo of Russell and the Bible Students with large poster size images of the pyramids (from the Studies in the Scriptures). They are blatantly putting this stuff out there and counting on the fact that most dubs are too thoroughly brainwashed to notice. Wafting this shit right under their noses, but they can't smell it because all they SEE are roses.

    I would love to see the outline of the talk given when this load of tripe is released...

  • GeneM

    I dont think it is a spy. It's all over dramtic because it is hard to mimic the subtley of good acting with the 3d animation. That is what makes pixar so good, they have a masterful grasp of the smallest eye movements and pauses...

  • 00DAD

    I've been thinking about this idea for a while concerning a number of WT articles and teachings. I recently created a parallel thread on the subject. Check it out:

    WT Easter Eggs: Hidden Messages in WT Publications

    Your comments welcome!

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    It's not a conspiracy, they are just that out of touch with reality. The men who worked on the DVD and the Governing Body who approved it are almost fully insulated from the outside world. Contact with non-cult members is very rare or even nonexistent for these men. This creates a dangerous system were there are no real checks and balances, no alternative view point is heard.

    Releasing the DVD in 15 min sections does seem odd at first glance. But it actually makes good business sense. Say they actually created a 45 minute DVD and released it at a convention. The donation for the DVD would probably be the same amount regardless of the length of the video. Split that DVD into three "releases" and you increase your profits.

  • apostatethunder

    I like Sparlock.

  • Morbidzbaby

    Split that DVD into three "releases" and you increase your profits.

    Yeah, and just think how many mindless zombie dub parents will latch onto this like a newborn latches onto a ensures they will return for more in coming years.

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