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  • mouthy
  • Sparlock

    S&R I am out of the Bin as I stated above.

    Breakfast of Champs - I am made of plastic - there is a limit to my powers!

    Black Sheep - the Fluffful & Indiscreet ones can sit on my upturned wand!

    Loubelle - this is only the beginning

    Jim TX - Caleb's mother is suffering her own kind of hell - she has to wash the floor in the Doggy Position!

    Broken Promises - Thank you for the welcome.

    Granny - I love you!!!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You even have Granny Grace as a supporter!!!.

    You have to one cool dude to warrant that.


  • Sparlock

    Pams Girl I didn't answer questions?

    Do you plan to visit Caleb in the future?

    No but he will remember me when he finally rebels and leaves the Cult! He will trun to the black arts and start to smoke strange herbs.

    What of the bin, what else was in there?

    Lots of healthy vegetable snacks cut into perfect sticks! An empty box of floor cleaner, and lots of unplaced Washtowels and asleeps.

    Are there more of your kind?

    I am unique - although I believe there is a facebook conspiracy to make me some Brothers and Sisters.

    Do you have family still in?

    Barbie and Gi Joe have never shown any interest in the Cult!

    What, exactly, are your powers?

    I make Jehovah sad!

    Im looking forward to getting to know you!

    Let me finish with Smurfette first!

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    A thousand welcomes Sparlock you are as welcome as the flowers in May.

    Here you will be well looked after but just watch out for occasional troll .

    Just a brief question what is your wand actually made of and like you my wand is very small so I was wondering if it's at all possible to make it larger just by wishing? Otherwise I might have to have a look for one on EBay.

    Look forward to your forth coming views on everything theocratic.

    Best Wishes ,


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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
  • DT

    Welcome to the forum. We appreciate your unique point of view.

    "I still smell of rotten carrot sticks"

    That must be the source of these memes.

  • elderelite

    Omg im dying!!!! This is absolutly hysterical!!!

  • wasblind

    Greetings Sparlock

    can you magically look into the future ???, will the actual generation that was " alive " in 1914

    be the ones to see the end of this world ????

    The WTS claims that you are not just a plastic toy

    So please tell us what the future holds, the WTS has tried to magically guess the end

    are they jealous of you ???

    Is makin' Jehovah sad the only thing you have done ?????

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