Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 05-27-2012 WT Review (BEHIND)

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  • blondie

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • elderelite

    This was bad. I walked out at one point, couldnt even stand to sit and ignore it. Those who were in the org, say in 1935 (we have one in our hall).... They shouldnt look back at the "soon, very soon now" dramma??? Really.... Cause they have wasted their lives at this point. The end didnt come. They have a right to look back. And when they do i bet it isnt pretty at all. No happyiness to find, only a life of sacrifice that had no reward.

    And these stupid bastards!!!!!! Moses????? Are effin serious?????? He left as a figative from justice!!!! He killed a man by his own account! He had no hope of ever returning! Of course he didnt look back longingly! Flawed anology at its worst. Such flawed crap all around. Refuse is right.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I out and out told my wife we are not going to the meeting today. Reasons:

    1) I do not need a watchtower article telling me if I can or cannot go to college.

    2) I also do not need a Watchtower article telling me 25 FUCKING YEARS LATER HOW I SHOULD FUCKING FEEL ABOUT NOT HAVING GONE TO COLLEGE 25 YEARS AGO!

    Needless to say, we stayed home and did some much needed yard work.

  • heathen

    That's gotta be damage control. Now the generation cannot be used a carrot on a stick they realize people will reevaluate things and even accuse the WTBTS of prevwnting them from a better life.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Of course its damage control. Think of all the things we could do that made it bearable growing up a JW?

    We had REAL food at the assemblies and conventions, we had congregation picnics, we could have gatherings, hell back in the day a CO visit would have actual service talks based on our congo's!

    Dont get me wrong GROWING UP a dub SUCKED! But it was much better than the abuse heaped upon those still in trying to stay the course.


    Notice that the elders are a younger African and an Asian.

    Quite typical of the story in the KH's: All increase comes from uneducated immigrants. The poor fellow made sacrifices and spent his life preaching to them and now he realizes that all this was a big waste. Now they, uneducated janitors, come to counsel him!

    The congregations are dying. The children of those uneducated immigrants are growing up, studying and soon will follow the example of the children of locals. As the internet is becoming more available in 3rd world countries the pool will be getting smaller and smaller. Finally there will remain the immigrant 'janitors' who lack any abilities of organizing things and handling serious matters and the 'tower' will collapse.

    [No offence for immigrants-I view those as victims of the world dictatorship we live in. And poor JWs uneducated immigrants are DOUBLE victims: The world dictatorship destroyed their future by denying them proper education, and the m*****bators * of the GB killed any chance that they might have to escape from that bondage and slavery.]

    * At times I wonder if those b******s of the GB are not m*****bators but puppets under the payroll of the world dictatorship to keep the masses enslaved-the real Babylon the Great of Revelation.

    F*** them all and set yourself free!


  • JakeM2012

    Thanks for your comments Blondie,

    I received these questions for a part on the service meeting this week. Seem clear that WTBTS looks back and remembers what they want to when it benefits them. Perhaps someone should make the comment for the service meeting part that after this last weeks wt we should not talk about any of this.

    Service Meeting Questions on Video JW-Faith in Action Part 2 Let the Light shine May 28

    1. What methods did the Bible Students use to spread the good news?

    2. What happened at the land mark conventions in 1931 and 1935?

    3. What was significant about the Nov. 1, 1939, issue of the Watchtower?

    4. Describe what occurred at Madison Square Garden during Bro. Rutherford’s talk Government & Peace.

    5. What was noteworthy about Bro. Knorr’s talk “Peace-Can it Last?”

    6. In 1942, what plans did Jehovah’s Witnesses make to expand their preaching work?

    7. Explain some of the legal battles that were fought in the U.S., Canada and Greece.

    8. What impact did Gilead have on the growth of the preaching work?

    9. What important work began in 1946, and Why?

    10. What steps did J.W.’s take to make sure their conduct was in harmony with the standard set forth in the Bible?

    11. Explain some of the adjustments that were made in the 1970’s to align the organization more closely with the pattern in the Bible.

    12. How has viewing this video deepened your appreciation that Jehovah is in full control and that this is his organization?

    13. How has this video strengthened your determination to continue zealously preaching despite obstacles?

    14. How could we use this video to help our relatives, Bible students, and others?

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Thanks Blondie!

    Nothing like entitling a farticle "Do Not Look at the Things Behind", and then talk in every paragraph about "Things Behind". None of the material is really focusing on the future, it's all about poorly applied ancient, fictional examples.

    But if they want to talk about "remember the wife of Lot", let's remember that at the same time they were leaving, the city was supposedly being destroyed. Imagine if the angels dragged them out of Sodom saying that it's destruction was at hand, yet the city was larger and more prosperous 130 years later. Hmmm. I don't think this example is in WT's favor at all. This is a quote of Jesus in the same chapter where he says the Kingdom is NOT coming with "striking observableness", which directly contradicts everything JWs preach about the undenyable composite sign that is strikingly observable.

    It's kinda dumb to use the example of Paul since he's one of the 'anointed' and the majority of sheeples are not. Crazy how they quote him saying how humble he is, when it's very clear from his writings that he had no problems insulting others and bossing people around like HE was the messiah.

    And as for the example of Moses, he was supposedly at the burning bush in 1514 BCE and they left Egypt in 1513. This is a wrong example because JWs technically haven't left "Egypt". JWs are still enslaved in "Satan's system". And even the time the Israelites were in the wilderness was only 40 years. JWs have been promised that they are just about to enter the Promised Land for over 130 years, but they're still in Egypt!?! This is the equivalent of if Moses had return to Egypt anouncing that he was freeing the Hebrews "very soon"... yet it's not 130 years later and there's not even the first plague. What a crock. But what can you expect? The whole "bondage in Eqypt" thing is a crock. 66 Hebrews enter Egypt in 1728 BCE and a couple million leave just 215 years later in 1513? That's mathematically and biologically impossible. WT should take their own advise on taking the Bible literally and quit "looking at the things behind."

    And how thoughtful of them to include this gem:

    How much better to heed Solomon’s words: “Take hold..."

    ...yeah Solomon, take hold of every hot woman you can get your hands on. Get lots of fast horses, big houses, piles of gold, and learn everything your brain can hold.

    Additional irony is that they tell the dubs "not to look at the things behind," yet WT is obsessed with looking at the things behind. Why would they care about the hours and placements last month... THAT'S ALL BEHIND! Why look at a guys record card for THE THINGS BEHIND?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I thought there was something odd about the picture that appears on page 28 and then it dawned on me that there are only two elders instead of three dealing with a not so agreeable publisher. Looks like WT wants to downplay how it really handles Judicial Committees. Two elders gives it a much softer, more innocent appearance to the public as opposed to showing 3 suits ganging up on a lowly publisher who may be in need of counsel. Is this illustration not a blatant lie by the Society of what really goes on behind closed doors which often results in a disfellowshipping?

  • heathen

    If I look back I just remember how shitty they are so maybe good advice . No love lost there . I had some elder trying to convince me to work for the federal government , I was like , excuse me but isn't that being part of the world or a form of beast worship? That guy claimed LF status but to move to this country from where he came from would make him a beast worshipper to come to the US since you don't become a citizen without some form of pledge of allegiance to the flag or the government .

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