New DVD "Become Jehovah's Friend"

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  • wannabefree
    please put the 29th May in your diary as Sparlock's official birthday

    Actually, the file on the DVD shows a date of 3/28/2012 at 9:47 AM, certainly this should be Sparlock's official date of birth ... wouldn't want to have any birther issues in the future in case he decides to run for president.

  • cofty

    I agree - you're right we wouldn't want a split in the ex-jw movement next year where all the 29ers break away from the heretical 28thers

    28th March it is then?

  • rocketman

    So far on YouTube the Dislikes are outgunning the Likes by a huge margin, no surprise there. After watching all four parts (Intro, Pts 1 & 2, and Song)...

    The one (small) redeeming thing about Part One is that at least the Dad didn't call Mom back in to clean up the floor. He got down and cleaned it. As far as ways to clean a floor are concerned, I find that sometimes scrubbing it is the best way to get it really clean, though I'm no expert. In any case, the woman scrubbing is clearly a stereotype, and stereotypes abound on this DVD.

    Changing clothes for Family Worship is ridiculous and one more example of the Governing Body's mind-numbing mindset. So God is not going to accept your worship if you fail to dress up in your own house? It reminded me of an article a few years back in which a school-aged sister took a dress with her to school because she conducted a home bible study afterward and would change. Just ludicrous and something that the vast majority of jws aren't going to do anyway.

    Part Two is the more unsettling. Isn't Disney's Theme Park called the Magic Kingdom? How many JWs avoid going there for vacations? I never have heard of any JW family avoiding a vacation there for that reason. Elders no doubt take their families there all the time. And yet, a little kid can't have one toy wizard?

  • wasblind


    The Witnesses at my hall made a yearly trek to Disney

    It's not called the kingdom of Bible Miracles, it's the Magic kingdom

  • Borges

    Even from a jw point of view the video useless. Did Calebs mother ask the young boy who is his friend, his name and if they are good friends? Did she talk with Caleb about what to say, if his friend asks him about the toy? Or if other schoolmates talk with him about the sparlock-movie? No. Just throwing away the toy and go cycling.

    I´m not suprised about that a lot of jw's think this movie is a fake.

  • ziddina
    ... it may be a fake. It might be an apostate plot to make the Organization look bad. ..." quote from Cedar's post #2633, page #15

    A hobby of mine is getting Dubs to trash something that they are about to be fed as Noo Lite. ..." Black Sheep, page #15

    "Jws think this is an apostate dvd? Hilarious!!!!!!
    Black Sheep ...." Pam's Girl, also on page #15

    Oh, absolutely!!!

    In fact, the more JWs decry this DVD prior to actually SEEING it at their local assembly, the better...

    What do you want to bet - Watchtower pulls the DVD from the upcoming assemblies before they've all run their course??? Hee hee hee hee!!

  • Jeffro

    'Caleb' also appears in the 15 August 2012 Watchtower (page 24-25) in a section for 'age 3 and under'. Looks like he's going to be a regular propaganda mascot.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Caleb will be on the psychiatrist's couch by the time he's 12.

  • dreamgolfer

    Ziddina, what a clever thought, this could do it,

    With the threat of lawsuits on copyright infringement, that would work.

    I would love to hear that happy,

  • rocketman

    Oh in regard to Sing With Us:

    They kept showing Caleb, and then Sophie, at the door offering tracts. This 'theme' kept repeating through the song, while at other times the family was shown at play. I thought it telling that the 'theocratic activities' were repeated throughout. To my mind this is a clear message, perhaps meant to be form of conditioning at the very least.

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