New DVD "Become Jehovah's Friend"

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  • blindnomore

    I haven't read entire thread. Some may have already commented about 'Jesus' not being mentioned in the DVD.

    I have not heard name 'JESUS' at the kingdom Hall except at the end of prayer for months. We had a CO visit recently and only time he mentioned 'Jesus' was when he was relationg Jesus' illustrations of a widow who dropped 2 coins which all she had and Mary who greased Jesus' feet with an oil that worth yearly wage. It was obvious what its underlying message was. The WTS is targetting rank & file especially older naive JWs of their bank account, retirement, assets, etc.(this is another WTS scheme most aren't aware of)

    Jesus has simply been replaced by the GB and even BOE. Yes, BOE. The GB has granted BOE an absolute power as a controlling mechanism of Rank & File. It's all about 'listen and obey the counsel of BOE or/and the GB' in order to survive Armageddon. Not even Jehovah but GB or BOE to listen to survive big 'A'.

    The GB & BOE have idolized themselves. JWs are idol worshipers nothing more or less!

    Those of you haven't been to the KH for a couple of years, you will be shock to find out the changed. They have turned into one cult from other cult only to one that is a lot worse compolsive controlling paranoia. They don't even sound the same religion. All they have to do is using the magic word 'New Light' to justfy their whole new craps.

    It has a word 'CULT' all over on the DVD.

  • Cadellin

    Alas, most JWs will take this vid as "food at the proper time" and swallow it hook line and sinker, without expending one iota of critical thinking about it. What posters on this thread have been doing is subjecting this horrible vid to analysis. Most JWs do not analyze anything published by the WT.

    I feel so sorry for Caleb--he seems like a great little kid. But he's got creepy parents, even if his dad has a sexy Antonio Banderas accent. This vid only reinforces the WT's ridiculous opposition to creative imagination, equating any flights of fantasy with the occult. They take the OT prohibition against divination and grotesquely extend it to cover literally anything that isn't of the immediate, leaden reality. And yet, in a paradoxical twist, they reject measurable evidence for such things as evolution, even though it's rooted in the same naturalistic, quantifiable reality that they are supposedly so affixed to. They're so paranoid about the occult that they lump all fantastic play and literature together, making such awesome works as The Lord of the Rings, fairies, elves and unicorns equivalent to clearly occultic productions such as The Exorcist. Why the hell do they think God created imagination anyway????

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    I think the most amazing comment here is the one Sir82 refers about the active JW thinking the DVD was an apostate fake.

    What's he going to do when he gets it at the DC? Boy, if that's not a wake up call, I don't know what is.

  • therevealer

    Caleb make it into the latest watchtower.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Does anybody here know for sure what day and time the DVD was released at the District Assembly?

    The second DA for the coastal Pacific Northwest takes place this weekend. It's only a 5 minute drive for me to get over there. I don't mind wandering in and sitting through one talk, might even record it while there, but I really don't want to have to endure much more than that. I am fairly well known in the local Kingdom Hall area. Two JWs from the local KH dropped off an invitation two weeks ago, but their convention was last week at the same location. I should be unrecognized this weekend because most of the KHs are over 25 miles away.

    I'd like to get a copy or two of the DVDs and also the talk that goes with it.

    So - can anyone give me an idea of the best time to show up there? I think my wife tossed the invite, but I think the timing is probably the same for both convention weekends. Also, did they specifically recommen any particular donation?

    I can't believe it only has the 4 segments. Kids will watch pt 1 and 2 a few times and then put the DVD away forever. JW always think that thowing out anything published by the WT Society is holy, so tossing anything out would be like a public Bible burning to them.


  • therevealer

    I am pretty sure it is the last talk on Saturday. They announce that it will be downloadable from JW org after december. And the say that as further of these are produced they to will become available there.

  • sabastious
    This vid only reinforces the WT's ridiculous opposition to creative imagination, equating any flights of fantasy with the occult.

    It's a sheer act of parental laziness to prohibit imagination on any front. Think about the work the parents would have to do if they allowed their children to play with these types of toys. The distributor of such a toy would likely have a backstory to go with it. Often toys are connected to books, tv shows and movies so the allowance of such would require the parent to look into the material themselves. So, instead of being responsible about their parenting and looking into the crevices of what their children are entertaining themselves with they simply deny it across the board. Sparlock the Warrior Wizard may be a villian in a plot where the hero saves the day, just like Jesus and Satan. He may even be the hero himself using powers of magic for good, which is also what Jesus did. Jesus reanimated dead tissue in several dead bodies which is a magic called necromancy today and is considered demonistic by Watchtower standards. If Jesus were here today and accomplished what is alleged in the Bible the Watchtower would just call him a demon and teach to steer clear. What does that say about their allegiance with Christ?

    It's important to look into what your kids are doing, but to create wild generalizations and then enforce a law based of them is just bad and lazy parenting. It will invariantly lead to disaster within the family itself. The Governing Body are completely inept in their understanding and application of the human family arrangement, but they claim the exact opposite. They consider themselves holder of the trademark of the family and they wear their badges proudly. It's frankly hard for me to stomach.


  • 00DAD

    therevealer: it will be downloadable from JW org after december

    That's funny. It's available on YouTube now!

    Lesson 1

    Lesson 2

  • Chariklo
    I am pretty sure it is the last talk on Saturday. They announce that it will be downloadable from JW org after december. And the say that as further of these are produced they to will become available there.

    Is there any chance that by the end of the next month or so this DVD will have become such a topic of scandal and speculation that they'll withdraw it and disown it?

    That would be a real apostate triumph! 398 Likes on Facebook at this moment in time.

  • straightshooter

    Sounds like a series to be posted on their web site. That is scary.

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