Did you go out door to door after you knew you were finished.

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  • lilbluekitty

    I was mentally off service for a long time, before I even stopped believing the lie, I just had it and was getting burned out in service...once I was reproved I drifted off for awhile but still believed and barely went in service, then when I was finally waking up, I barely went. I did a brief stint of going out on a somewhat regular basis after this annoying woman wanted me to go with her all the time but I almost never talked at the door, I think I just read the Bible Stories book to a little girl once about Abraham or something. Finally I just stopped going out and eventually quit meetings. I just never went back after that, it's been almost a year now since I last went to a meeting. W00T!

    Oh, I faked service hours a few times at the end too to keep them off my back, then I got tired of lying and just didn't answer their calls anymore.

  • bigmac

    i remember--back in 1971---we had moved to the isle of wight. i knew i was totally finished as a jw. i was out one sunday morning --with my wife & a few others --on "the work" (yuk phrase )--as we were walking over a river bridge--i sent my briefcase spinning through the air into the water---i felt an overwhelming relief.

    i admit i still dithered on-and-off for a few years--purely to appease her ladyship. wifes sometimes hold the ace card in a marriage. young husbands will do a lot worse than attend the occasional jw meeting if the right bribe is offered.

  • Phizzy

    I stopped going DtoD when I realised the 1914 doctrine was not Biblical. How could I direct people to an organization that taught false doctrine ?

    I cannot remember the last time I went knocking, it was that forgetable.

    I hung on for a few months because an Elder had promised to deal with my "problem", he didn't call, could he not prove 1914 perhaps ? so I eventually walked.

    Looking back I know my "ministry" had become perfunctory for years , just leaving the Magrags and never calling back, if I found the odd person who would talk about the bible that was great, but WT teachings did not come in to the discussion. For years I had not really wanted to bring anyone in to the religion,although this was more of a subconscious thing.

    I could not go knocking once I partially woke up, I could not go to Meetings once I fully woke up.

  • cedars

    I actually have an idea of what I would do if I ever again felt "forced" to go in the ministry for any reason. I would simply take my bible, and for each householder that comes to the door I would ask them the question "Would you like a bible study?!" Obviously, NOBODY would say "yes". Technically, I'm doing nothing wrong, just using what I believe is called "the direct approach". Other publishers would marvel at my zeal and brazenness. All the while I would be placing NO literature, and starting NO bible studies. I wouldn't even be having any conversations.

    What can go wrong?! lol


  • Phizzy

    Even if someone says "Yes please Cedars, I would love to study the Bible with you" you could use my method, go along and actually chat about what the bible really says, just do not get inveigled in to taking another JW along to the "study", they would smell a rat.

  • cedars

    Phizzy, exactly! Provided the person who accepts my offer of a study isn't a woman, my plan is entirely fool proof!! lol


  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I didnt know I was finished until I got so fed up that I said, "enough of this, I am never going back to

    the hall". After that I never went back to the hall or out in service.

  • GeneM

    Bigmac I'd give my right arm to be able to say id launched my big bag of bullshit into the drink. Lol classic.

    Cedars I'm kinda new but from what ive read your still in right? That sounds like a good plan, reminiscent of stories I remember of the GB members a long time ago, very bold.

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    i quit going out in serve-us long before I woke up to the tatt

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