Did you go out door to door after you knew you were finished.

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  • dontplaceliterature
  • umadevi

    I stopped going door to door. Just like you I made up the hours and RVs. Then I realized I couldn't go on like this and that there was no need for me to put up with something that I stopped believing. I DA'd soon after.

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    The FS "hours" that the WTBS brag about isn't accurate....considering some do falsify reports (faders or those stuck in) or those who do their "time" at Starbucks and carry out personal chores

  • james_woods

    Just as an aside - does SlimBoyFat REALLY think that the FS time is actually reported in a completely accurate manner?

    I think he is kidding us if he said that --- I just know that fudging service time is practically universal with JWs.

    Most of them just make up a number at the end of the month with no real records kept until then.

  • new light
  • yknot

    I still do...

    That said I cycle my 'dedication' and right now I am still milking my college study group as a RV....... we are really laid back here and I don't fill out forms so much as verbally assert my numbers .... current monthly average since Memorial 25-40 hours (during my most inactive months i still comp 15 between ubm, undunked kiddos, retail FS and an occassional laundrymat/doc office lit removal)

    I don't really mind when i do 'real fs' that much because we have a very very very uber low conversion rate and many a pioneer with 30-year RV calls...... okay I am lying I mind it very much if I am ambushed into real FS or if I get partnered with a sandwhich packing sister.....

    For those still going out may I suggest that you find a witty way to inquire from a frustrated householder if they are suggesting they would like to be put on the 'do not call' list.......or be even more BOLD and keep a ready made DNC request slip in your pocket, briefcase or bookbag....

    Actually it would be kinda funny for those of you in more heavily populated areas to do D2D DNC campaign. Go out with slips, clipboard and pens signing up entire subdivisions /apartment complexes .....giggles

  • factfinder

    I had already given up meetings and fs a few years BEFORE I discovered the TATT.

  • jemba

    Hell NO!! I faded as a believer.

    Then found out TTATT.

  • cedars

    I found myself in a very awkward situation where I was more or less forced into going door-to-door even though I'd more-or-less woken up. It was excruciating, and I dreaded being put in a situation of actually having to speak to someone about a religion I no longer believed. Mercifully, the ordeal didn't last long - not much more than half an hour. An added bonus was that none of my doors were at home, so I was spared from having to talk to anyone. It was still a nerve-racking experience. I don't know how some on this forum bring themselves to do it even after they've woken up.


  • slimboyfat

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