I'm curious...........how many of you are going out in Field Service tomorrow? I'm serious.

by La Falta Habitacion Por Sr Hor-Hey!! 72 Replies latest jw friends

  • elderelite

    Xyz - Good thing there isnt a god of desert sheep herders and even better that Thor has a hammer named mjolnir :-D

  • elderelite

    Hey miz, you should post and tell us how it was when you are done wasting your morn in FS

    Yknot- you better not get suckered into it >.<!!!!!! YOu have a good streak of absence going, let it ride as long as possible

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Let's see. . . Beer, ice, margarita mix. Charcoal. Fill propane tank. Finish reading novel.

    Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this was the I'm enjoying my weekend thread.

  • Sapphy

    I just love that somewhere, hidden in the organisation, is an elder who humourously worships Thor, skips service and wages theocratic warfare on his report slips.

  • Glander

    Wow, I have not been door to door in 30 years but someone mentioned the US Memorial Holiday Official Cemetary Ambush campaign. I suppose they still do it. Even as an Elder I could never bring myself to walk up to people standing at graves with flowers in their hands.

    I believe the intro taught in the service meeting was something like, "Good Morning, how are you? wouldn't it be wonderful to greet your loved one again? You know, the Bible says that it will happen..."

    never did it, couldn't.... well...maybe at a pet cemetary

  • elderelite

    Lol saphy, It goes even deeper than that :-D I discourage pioneers, i coach people through jc's, i give parts designed to slyly discourage service, i point Out at every oportunity the 100+ years of preaching and its lack of results, i could go on and on but i have learned just how influential a rouge elder can be :-D

    Oh and i drink a beer before every meeting in Thor's honor... I am drinking one now as i am not in fs, here in a cool house on a hot east coast day thinking of miz and him wasting time in fs

  • oompa

    La Falta i love your name and THANK YOU!..that is such a frikkin awesome question i cant wait to read and probably laugh my ass off!!!!!! i know i need this....whew...........oompa

  • apostatethunder

    There is nothing like being the owner of your own time. Life is time. There is nothing like being the owner of your own life.

  • LostGeneration

    boc nailed it,,, beers and burgers on the grill in a few hours. The Margs sound good too, may have to stop off and grab a bottle of tequila.

    Yeah Miz....drop on in and tell us how it went this AM. Did you have a "upbuilding spiritual morning with the friends?"

  • yknot


    Girls all piled out of minivan and into Hall....

    I resign myself ..... que sera sera

    Girls surround Brother with suggestion of ideal groupings, impressed with their initiative and zeal he agrees!

    Girls all sit together in second row preening like FS queen bees at getting their suggestion implemented...

    My group goes to Wendy's where girls talk boy bands and my daughter's trip to the east coast......Sister and I gossip who went where and who went straight to FS among other things...

    We are getting ready to leave when girls collide and orange soda goes everywhere!

    I keep extra clothes in trunk.....Sister doesn't and girls are not the same size so we go to Sister's house for them to change and us to pretreat tops/skirts.....

    Girls get comfortable in tanks/shorts......whining about not wanting to go quickly follows...

    Sister and I are both 'born-ins'......we remember what it is like to be in middle school and do D2D so we cave rather quickly until Sister's mom calls to make sure we are headed back to town (grrrr.....) Now Sister and I are stuck between rock and hard place cuz you don't cross your momma and yet agreed to ditch......so we decide to hide in plain sight....drive to town and park toward the back of movie theater.

    We saw MIB-3 (cute movie)

    Once over we made a point to have girls throw on sundresses atop of shorts/tanks and run into Sister's mom.....

    Mom praised girls for their morning suggestion and how they stayed the course through adversity (clothes debacle) and kept their committment to Service.....really it was an over the top speech....both Sister and I were eyerolling big time!

    The only thing better then us getting away with it 'scot-free' was when the girls confessed they had cooked up the orange soda accident last night and in fact all the girls were to have similar accidents....

    Ain't life grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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