Fistfights for seats at DC?

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  • Glander

    After suffering through two days sitting in the sun with two toddlers my wife and I decided that I would be there at gate opening the next morning. There was a mob there and when the gates were opened it was chaos. I had 3 song books to hold any seats I might score inside the afternoon shade area. I was outmatched by young "brothers" with rolls of masking tape to close off entire rows. The whole experience was ugly.

    Dodger Stadium, 1969.

  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    I remember two sisters had to taken to the CO himself after the two became aggresive towards each other over a darn seat...always fighting for the "end" seat...during the annoucements, it was said that an older sister was almost ran over when the doors opened at 8am.

    I guess they're just anxous to hear more "truths".

  • jemba

    Hubby and I have always arrived late as we couldnt stand all the pretend plastic love beforehand. One year we managed to find 3 seats for the 4 of us, one kid to sit on the floor. When we got back after lunch there were 3 smug smartass Bros sitting in our seats, our bibles and songbooks thrown on the floor. I told them they were sitting in our seats and they said with grins on their faces that there was nothing on the seats when they arrived. Needless to say we left in disgust and didnt go back for the final day of that 3 day convention. We went back to our beachside accomodation and had an enjoyable afternoon of fishing.

    Another year my Hubby was parking attendant when two other (both now elders) attendants got into a fist fight. My hubby (big ex fighter) stood back and let it happen while having a good laugh, it was peak hour and it stopped all the traffic coming into the car park.

    When I did get there at 8 am for the good seats I found that the people already working in the building had taken every single end of row seat for themselves and friends. Selfish a**holes. People with kids always ended up sitting in the middle of the longest rows and the single and childless people hogged the ends. My hyperactive kids went to the toilet or for a walk just about every hour so I enjoyed making them regret it. lol

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    Jemba wrote:

    “… plastic love…”

    Now that is an original phrase in this context if I’ve ever heard one. Two words. So much said.

    Marvin Shilmer

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