Fistfights for seats at DC?

by Blind_Of_Lies 63 Replies latest jw experiences

  • wasblind

    100 JW's + Hungry for 3 days + 20 cans of tuna = Oh hell

    And if that brother was to qoute " Wait on Jehovah " to

    those who are still hungry, he'd be better off out in the street

    wit the angry mob

  • Sapphy

    I remember when the society first started broadcasting the programme on FM radio, just in the vicinity of the assemble. Hot summer afternoons, it was a 'treat' to be able to go to the car park & listen in on the car radio. In several other cars you would see the head of the family sleeping in his car while wifey & kids were still in the stadium!

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    The one assembly I attended in the USA was a lot like that. I am too young to have been able to to witness the food distribution, but the rush for the seating! I didn't want to be there at all, regardless of whether I had a good seat or not. We spent a small fortune on travelling costs alone, and just to see the same thing we could have seen at home? Take me to a museum or an opera please! All the rush for seats to hear the same boring program year after year? Luckily we were at an indoor stadium. Something is wrong with an organisation that expects mothers with small children to sit at an outdoor stadium in the full heat of summer for 8 hours. Football matches last up to two hours. I don't know about baseball games. But I doubt they last anywhere near as much a JW assemblies last. All that for a good take at the donation boxes and to distribute more literature.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Well getting a great seat is the only good thing to the whole experience. Even the most devout witless will admit that the day was intolerable if they had a shitty seat.

    BTW I always arrive just in the knick of time (hey why be there any longer than I have to) so I don't care where I sit, in fact the shittier the better, that way I can complain that my back hurts and get/stay up more often to goof off.

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    can anyone confirm the WTBTS gets a kickback from hotels for filling them up?

  • outsmartthesystem

    Sir82 - Don't you know? The holy spirit will take over and magically everyone will start to get along and the tuna will keep multiplying like the fish and the loaves of bread. Have you no faith?

  • iclone

    As mentioned in earlier posts' absolutely nobody followed the directions on 'seat saving". I know I tried to patent my "Books on a rope" idea. Where you would have a number of theocratic books tied together with a rope enabling you to toss all your books down the row to instantly save several seats. If nothing else it was good for a laugh!

  • blondie

    Ya know, this got me to thinking....
    Suppose it's the great tribulation, and 100 JWs are all hiding in the Kingdom Hall. There are mobs of violent angry armed people roaming the streets.
    Some brave JW has gone out in search of food. He comes back - all he has found are 20 cans of tuna.
    But no one there hiding in the Kingdom Hall has eaten for 3 days.
    If JWs are disposed to fight each other over frickin' seats at a convention, how much more so are they going to beat each other up when things are really desperate?
    "New personality" - Ha! Only while it is convenient....

    sir82, the elders would organize the distribution.

    1) the elders because they have been so self-sacrificing and deserve double honor 2) their wives and children (see #1) 3) the MS and their families (they have done so many chores) 4) brothers with privileges 5) baptized men 6) ..........well you get the drift, single women, single mothers, older women, end of the line
  • LV101

    I hated those DA's at Dodger Stadium other than seeing the apostates w/signs and holding up a magazine yelling "Asleep". It was all new to me, child and tag along friend and we were rolling. What a stupid religion expecting people to sit out and bake in the sun. Hum, now I know why I have basil skin cancer areas (whatever it's called). Cult should be sued.

    We'd get up in the wee hrs. to get ready and race down there never able to get a decent seat and people were so rude and nasty.

  • steve2

    My long-deceased maternal and paternal JW grandparents would be very cross to hear all this unthankful complaining. Why, my maternal grandmother, heavy with child in the late 1920s, used to carry her young 'uns all the way to the unheated assembly hall in August (in New Zealand in Southern Hemisphere in one of the coldest months of the year) whilst my grandfather sat separately with the other Bible Student organizers/presenters.Assemblies lasted more than one week and you had to take your own food along. Sessions started early - my grandmother reckoned everyone was quietly seated before 8am and the sessions even went on into the evening - old, old timers will remember that.

    How do I know this? She used to frequently remind us then young witnesses when we complained about the long days spent in the assembly halls in the 1960s.

    She would think you posters are way too soft and worldly, just like she'd be aghast at the sorry state of the modern breed of JWs with their Starbucks/McCafe/Wendys fixation in-between D2D.

    As they said in Monty Python: "Thought you had in hard in your younger days, did you?! Luxury - utter luxury compared to what I went through.

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