Fistfights for seats at DC?

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  • wallsofjericho

    i remember about 20 years ago it got really ridiculous with the seating attendants. I know cause I was one at the time.

    it became a big issue that attendants were saving seats BEFORE the main doors opened and "the friends" were complaining that the best seats were being taken by those with priviledges so attendants were instructed that any books or cases seen on a seat before 8am was to be removed eventhough an attendant could place them there at 8:00:01am and beat the herd anyway.

    As ridiculous as this was/is some attendants were militant about this. At one assembly the week after mine I heard that attendants were told they had to stand in the hallway until 8am, and not only this they had to stand at the opposite side of the hall so they would have to cross it to get to the stairway in the stadium. INSANE.

    I heard there were attendants being total dicks about it. I actually was walking with an attendant that was blatantly insulting another for not allowing us to cross the collisium floor - meaning we had to walk around the entire stadium

    I guess when you have a thankless, menial job 50 hours a week cleaning shitty toilets at minimum wage it makes you feel pretty special to boss people around at assemblies.

    How pathetic

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    They are not very good at negotiations either. I remember several years in a row we went to convention in a sports arena...that had concession stands selling food... before the convnention we cleaned the place spotless, removing trashbags full of popcorn and wrappers and empty cups from past games... we spit cleaned the place when we left too and yet we were not allowed "due to contractual reasons" to eat in the seating area.

  • NomadSoul

    Funny stuff!! Ahh, so many wasted memories!

  • JustThatGirl007

    Nugget, our boy also has Aspergers and how we were treated because of it was a big part in us leaving. Heh. YAY Aspergers! lol

    One year, when I was about 16, my parents and 3 brothers and I all went to our convention at the Providence Civic Center. The seating there in the upper level had 3 rows of double seats along the the side, then one long row overlooking the balcony. That year, my parents sat in the first 2 seats of that long row over the balcony, my 4 yr old brother and I sat in the first 2 double seats directly in front of them, and my other 2 brothers sat in front of me. At one point before the morning sesion began, I went back to our seats and some sister was moving my parents books! I told her they were my parents books, my 4 yr old brother was sitting in front of them, etc., and this stupid woman DIDN'T CARE. She said, "We're just moving them back one row because we need most of this row." She wouldn't quit, so I left and told my parents, who, thankfully, were at the bottom of the steps talking to friends. My dad went up and told these "sisters" that they needed to leave my parents stuff alone and find their own seats. They argued a bit, but my dad won. The sisters moved to the OTHER END OF THE ROW which was not taken. Why they insisted on screwing around with my parents books, I'll never know. The WHOLE DAY they also made sure to climb over my parents to get to the rest room, even though the other end was more accessible. ????

  • wasblind

    Best thread ever


  • linuxbob

    The only fistfight I would get into is leaving the DC.

  • JustThatGirl007

    OH man, LEAVING! Good point linuxbob! Seemed like everyone was in a mad rush to GTFO and go home!

  • linuxbob


  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    I remember a seating incident that happened in a KH back in the early 80's. Brother Ancient had sat in this certain spot in the hall for 20+ years (3rd row from the front, on speakers right). One day he was late getting to the hall and Brother Someone-else had put he and his family in the coveted seats. Bro. Ancient comes up and says "you know, i've been sitting in that spot for 20 years, you should give me the seats". Bro. Someone-else got offended and left, family in tow. Bro Ancient calls the offended bro up and apologizes. All is right with the world. Until every meeting after that....

    Bro Ancient still sat in the same 3rd row nearly 10 years after the incident. (And was never late again).

    They're seats people! Find another damn seat.

    To the original post, I'd usually send my son in with an armload of books and tell him to run fast for the breezy seats in some section. Since he was a kid, most people wouldn't bitch that he was running (Dad's not around to get a counseling from the brothers), since I was in the parking lot parking the car in one of the few shady spots. And yes, I always ignored those d!ckheads directing me to park where they wanted.

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    I have never understood how these big sports complexes somehow manage to park hundreds if not thousands of cars once a week all season long without 100 guys standing around flapping their arms "directing" yet the most loving organization in the world cannot park themselves without instruction.

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