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  • cedars

    ScenicViewer - I agree with your reasoning. However, there is only so long the Society can continue exploiting "flipping" as a source of income. For example, no matter how luxurious the new HQ in Warwick turns out to be, it will never yield the same value as the Brooklyn HQ properties combined - they're just too valuable thanks to their location.

    Once they're sold, the most lucrative asset in the Society's portfolio will have been liquidated. If donations eventually dry up completely (or down to a trickle), and they become solely reliant on property transactions, they will eventually run out of properties to sell (or "flip"). That's why I think it's likely that the Warwick site is actually intended as the final "bunker". Either that, or Patterson, with its many hilltop properties away from the main complex (where the Society's doctors and lawyers currently live, to my knowledge). They could sell off the main buildings, and retreat to a gated residence on top of some hill that could serve as their compound.

    Just a few thoughts...


  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Nobody could have ever predicted Sparlock!

    Looking forward to some more of these "black swan" events.

  • cedars

    breakfast of champions - you're right, Sparlock came well-and-truly out of left field!!

    I guess it goes to show that nobody can predict the bewildering depth of the Society's own arrogance and stupidity.

    It remains to be seen whether Sparlock hastens some of the other predictions related to the Society's decline.


  • Fernando

    Wouldn't it be something if the WBTS was the first international casualty of human society advancing from "freedom of religion" (beginning ±1517) to "freedom from religion" (beginning ±2017)?

  • cedars

    Oops, nobody caught this one:

    • The Watch Tower Society will lose a multi-million dollar child abuse lawsuit

    We did NOT see that one coming. Were we being overly cautious with our predictions? Is it time to really let our hair down on this thread?! What's next, a GB member is exposed as being a woman? The magazines start to condone homosexuality?! A smurf will appear on the cover of the Watchtower? Where do we draw the line now?! I'm so confused!

    Seriously, the Society no longer seems like the "worthy adversary" they were when I started this gig a year ago. I'm actually starting to pity them!

    If the scandals, intrigue and downsizing continue at this rate, maybe I'll be able to topple them in a year or two just by looking at them in a disapproving way...


  • cedars

    I predict the Society will drop its appeal in the Candace Conti case.

    As I see it, the Society has two options:

    1. Move ahead with the appeal, be prohibited from freely selling off the remaining Brooklyn property for two years and STILL face having to pay out the $21 million plus compensation once their appeal fails (which I think they know deep down it will).
    2. Cut their losses, pay the money, try to cover it up, and be able to resume their plans to liquidate the Brooklyn property - leaving them less vulnerable (at least in the short term) to ever-dwindling donations.

    If they have an ounce of intelligence, they will realise the futility of their appeal, and that the harm caused by asset restrictions will far outweigh any short-term benefits to be derived from the "delaying tactics" of their appeal.

    I think that insisting on these restrictions was a master-stroke by Simons. He's a very clever guy. The Society has under-estimated him, and now perhaps, they know it.


  • Qcmbr

    I predict that the WT will destroy all records containing references to paedophile behaviour and will explain to the Elders as theocratic warfare. No records will be maintained thereafter so that no-one can prove a confession was made.

    In the meantime they will modify their rules and will get new light regarding the two witness rule such that only the witness of a single man will be required.

    The WT will modify its structure to move assets further from the reaches of the courts.

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    ^ That sounds plausible to me, Q.

    I see a lot of stretching and shoehorning in their future. They will remember Jesus words, "Blessed is he who so covers thine own ass."

  • mrquik

    2014- WT rocked by mass exodus over ever increasing lawsuits & flip-flops. New religion formed with core followers. This religion wisely stays away from pious, self-rightheous, self-centered headship. Stays focused on basic Bible principles. WBTS withers into group of radical elitists. Is finally destroyed by some government dictate.

  • Soldier77

    Hah! MrQuik! 2014 - 2 years from now, which is the time that an appeal process could take with the current abuse case....

    2014! 100 year anniversary! Could THIS be the END?

    I hope I hope I hope I hope!!!

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