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  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    I predict, that by 2020, this forum will have a 50% increase in members........all die hard Dubs who found us by mistake, and are now evil apostates! MWAHahahahahhahaa.....(Thats me, laughing......evil-y)


  • wasblind

    Paula, you sound like a TRUE prophet to me

  • iarts

    Direction to clear out Kingdom Hall Libraries -" They take up valuable space that's needed for more congregation chairs, and everything we need is on the CD-ROM."

    The true reason of course being that the old publications expose the WT, and are history that can't be re-written (whereas the latest CD-ROM edition can re-write history).

  • traveb

    In my opinion, I think the WTS will ease up on it's dogma rather than clamp down harder as other posters have guessed. I realize they talk tough in the magazines, but most of the actions they have taken in the last few years have made things much easier and less time-consuming for the average publisher.

    The WTS has to recognize the declining growth rates. If the decline in baptisms like we saw last year continues they'll make changes to encourage people to convert and stick around. Basically, "mainstream" the religion so it's not so weird. This could include:

    • Phase out blood transfusion restriction (they're already doing this silently)
    • Ease up restrictions on talking to DFed family members ("Shunning Lite"?)
    • Stop bashing higher education in every other article
    • Make field service somewhat voluntary by not requiring time slips be turned in every month

    This is just off the top of my head. In typical WTS fashion they actually don't have to come out and actually say they're changing a policy, they just stop talking about it. People will get the hint and elders will be relieved because they don't have to enforce it anymore.

    I think in general most JW's love the social/family aspect of the religion, but absolutely dread or despise going out in field service. How many more would stay with the religion or be encouraged to get baptized if they didn't have to do field service? Perhaps hand out a tract every couple months and let the hardcores pioneer.

    Doctrinally, the only change I think the WTS WILL have to make is changing the idea of 144,000 to being a figurative, not literal, number. Just like they were forced to change the generation doctrine in 1995, time will force their hand in changing the 144,000 doctrine.

  • respectful_observer

    Although the average publisher will never see it, I can imagine a scenario (either by letter or CO visit) where local elders will be “encouraged” to look at whether a brother auxiliary pioneers at least 1X a year. (e.g., “Does the brother ‘take the lead’ in the congregation’s ministry assignment, especially when the faithful slave lovingly provides the opportunity to do so at reduced hours.”) Basically code for: if he doesn’t auxiliary pioneer at least 1x/year, is he REALLY taking the lead? “Evidently not.”

    I would agree with others here, that reducing the DC to two days is likely to happen soon.

    I could imagine a scenario when reporting field service activity becomes anonymous. Everyone is “encouraged” to fill out and submit a slip, but there is no name on it (gotta keep track of how much paper and ink to order in Wallkill!) and it’s not recorded on your Publisher Card anymore.

    Given all of the legal risks associated with the blood issue, they’ve already begun to sneak in loopholes in their public statements and letters they direct parents to write. I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually they just go “radio silent” on the topic and stop enforcing the “rules on the books” via letters to elders. (“Due to legal/HIPPA risks to the WTS, your local congregations, and you as elders, use caution when inquiring of the medical care received by JWs or their children. As elders, your primary responsibility is provide loving care and protection to those in the congregation. In that spirit, if the use of blood appears to be a possibility, it may be appropriate to remind the publisher to ensure his PERSONAL health care proxy is current. Since any inquiries into a patient’s health care decisions may present legal challenges, a loving reminder of God’s standards may be given if it seems appropriate to do so. If it later becomes public knowledge that a publisher has voluntarily chosen to accept blood, it would be appropriate for two elders to meet with the individual and determine whether he was forced to make this decision under extraordinary stress or pressure.”)

  • flipper

    How about the WT society being brought up on charges of defrauding investors out of their money ? Whether by not returning contributions that they promised would be returned if needed ? The poster Balamm's ass is going through this one right now to the tune of six figures. If the WT society misuses enough older JW's funds and sets up hedge funds to earn $$$ off their invested interest in misusing these funds - in a large number of cases , perhaps thousands- this could be big news if it hit the mainstream media.

    I have often thought that it may be the WT society's greed , corruption, and manipulation of financial power over it's members that may lead to their undoing finally. This is one prediction I hope I'm right in. They need to be exposed for the corrupt organization that they are

  • ScenicViewer

    1- The number of memorial partakers will continue to increase. (I don't think thats been mentioned; apologies if it has.)

    At a time when the number should be decreasing, it will become a bigger embarrassment than it is now. The Society has already said it doesn't keep track of the anointed (faithful and discreet slave), so the next logical step would be to do as predicted by Cedars (#7), Jnat, Sapphy, and breakfastof champions, and stop publishing partaker (and other) statistics.

    2- Due to eventual decreases in many areas of the organization, the new headquarters being built at Warwick will no longer be needed in 30 years (possibly less), and the property will be sold for a whopping profit. New down-sized facilities will be built in another rural location for next to nothing, leaving Watchtower with a much needed cash flow.

  • cedars

    ScenicViewer - if anything, I can see the new worldwide HQ becoming the permanent compound of the Governing Body once the organization shrinks to an almost infinitesimal size. It wouldn't surprise me if this has already been factored into the design as a contingency. Wallkill and Patterson will definitely be surplus to requirements if the preaching/printing work grinds to a standstill, and will be sold off accordingly (although not with the same ease as prime real estate in Brooklyn). That leaves a nice lakeside retreat in the middle of nowhere - perfect for the Governing Body to continue their lavish lifestyle undisturbed.


  • james_woods

    I have been thinking about the problem they currently have with the ever-increasing memorial partakers count:

    I cannot imagine WHAT they are going to do about it (other than publish over and over in the WT about how most new partakers are crazy, as they have already started to do...) - but:

    * - They could just quit counting the numbers. Or, keep counting but quit reporting the count. Downside - it is bound to cause questions to suddenly end this long-standing tradition. Upside - they have always gotten away with doing whatever they want, it eliminates the issue, and it also somehow makes the GB just that little bit more "elite". There would only be the GB as "known" annointed.

    * - They could just have new light and welcome everyone who is baptised and in good standing to partake. The two classes could still be held as a belief, but both get to partake. Downside - this would eliminate a lot of the "aura" of the GB and accepted partakers, thus threatening the power structure. Upside - it would be fair, balanced, and more scriptural...

    I place the odds at 99+% to just quit reporting, with less than 1% for an open memorial. A dishonest alternative would be to fudge the reported numbers and carry on as if nothing had happened...

  • cedars

    james_woods - I also see it as inevitable that the memorial partakers will continue to rise. In fact, it hardly seems worthy of a prediction, but thanks still goes to ScenicViewer for pointing it out. The Governing Body could go either way on this. It depends how rapidly the numbers increase.

    I think a partial factor in the increasing partaker numbers is general disillusionment in the GB's teachings. Some people must be reasoning "If the GB are anointed and get things so wrong, then who's to say I'm not anointed?" Obviously, there's also the collapse of the 1935 teaching.

    I could see either one of your suggested measures being implemented eventually. Anything that further lifts the Governing Body above the anointed into a third tier of Christianity all by themselves as got to serve their agenda.


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