GB: "We don't know if Jehovah wants us to build new headquarters, but we're doing it anyway..."

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  • Balaamsass

    Wow. Has anyone sent some of the more disturbing WTBTS information to City Council, Newspapers, Citizen Groups, Building Departments, and County supervisors in the WARWICK AREA? Concerned citizens might not like so much land being removed from tax roles, and so many elderly (and future elderly) moving into the area to suck up public aid programs. It isn't like they pay taxes or buy medical insurance....and it might be a future Jonestown...:) It would be a shame to start having permit problems AFTER selling all the Brooklyn buildings.

  • cedars

    Some great comments on this thread. I love the points made about "running ahead of Jehovah". It's fairly hard for the Governing Body to lecture us against doing this, when they admit to doing it themselves - only with a 4-year multi-million dollar construction project.

    I keep thinking about all the hours of volunteer labor that will be put into this. It's staggering to think the GB can justify getting all these workers to expend their time and efforts on such a pointless project over so many months/years rather than urging them to pursue the preaching work instead, which is ostensibly the Governing Body's primary concern.

    I can just imagine all the onsite motivational speeches, i.e. "Keep up this important work! We're building Jehovah's house!" Nobody will stop to think that Jehovah already has a perfectly good "house" in Brooklyn.


  • slimboyfat

    I think it simply reflects that all the true leaders have died off. All that is left are followers of followers, confused as to why Armageddon has not come yet and bewildered as to where to turn next. They can sound self-confident because they have practised the rhetoric of their predecessors, but when it comes to producing anything innovative or dealing with new challenges they are all at a loss. They are down to seven men, the lowest ever, and they can't even come to a decision about appointing new members.

  • cedars


    I think it simply reflects that all the true leaders have died off.

    Very true. I think much of the mayhem we've seen in recent times is a byproduct of a Governing Body full of members recruited on the basis of being "yes men", with no idea of what to do once the creative geniuses and/or leaders/tyrants have died off.

    It's like removing the jelly from its mold.


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