GB: "We don't know if Jehovah wants us to build new headquarters, but we're doing it anyway..."

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  • cedars

    Hi everyone

    The latest August 15th Watchtower Study Edition features an interesting review of the Society's annual meeting.

    One comment struck me as evidence that the Governing Body isn't quite as "discreet" as it claims.

    Here is what the article said:

    "There are plans to develop a 248-acre (100 ha) property at Warwick. 'Although we are not yet certain of Jehovah’s will regarding Warwick,' said Brother Pierce, 'we are proceeding to develop the site with the intention of relocating the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses there.' Plans are also being made to use a 50-acre (20 ha) parcel of land situated six miles (10 km) north of Warwick to facilitate the staging of machinery and building material. 'Once construction is permitted, we hope to complete the entire project within four years,' said Brother Pierce. 'Then our property in Brooklyn can be sold.'"

    “'Has the Governing Body changed its mind about the closeness of the great tribulation?' asked Brother Pierce. 'Not at all,' he answered. 'If the great tribulation interrupts our plans, that will be wonderful, absolutely wonderful!'”

    When you ponder on Jesus' parables of the wise and foolish virgins, you can't help but feel bewildered at how the Society can justify blowing tens of millions of dollars in donated money on a lengthy building project regarding which it confesses to be "not yet certain of Jehovah's will" despite the supposed nearness of the Great Tribulation, irrespective of whether or not they would welcome the inconvenient interference of Armageddon in their plans.

    Here is the published image of what the new lakeside headquarters will look like:

    new headquarters

    It strikes me that the blowing of considerable sums of money, donated to a "non-profit making" religious organization for the furtherance of the preaching work, on a non-essential task smacks of wasteful arrogance and stupidity rather than discretion.

    Thoughts anyone?

    (If you haven't already voted on the 2012 JW survey, please do so!)


  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Brothers, shouldn't you "make certain of all things" before commencing with such a project.

    Shouldn't you give a "prayerful consideration" first, ask for a "spiritual guidance", receive "Jehovah's blessing" and then and only then blow few hundred million dollars?

    Or is it all because:"...Then our property in Brooklyn can be sold."

    Posting guidelines prevent me from saying what I trully think of you, @&%*@#*&$%s!

  • sir82

    That is unusually candid - what are they thinking?

    It's not like a decision to wear the blue tie or red tie - as noted, this is a 4+ year project and involves 10's of millions of dollars.

    They're jumping into this and "we are not certain of Jehovah's will"?

    If they aren't who is?

    Who's running this show anyway?

  • minimus

    It's a no lose situation. If they have the Great Trib during this build, oh well....Meanwhile, they're collecting some fantastic real estate and getting big bucks!

  • cedars

    I'm just looking at the picture. Does anyone else think that's the Watchtower emblem on the pillar just to the left of the main entrance? It certainly looks like it to me. It will be interesting to see if they go ahead with building such an overtly idolatrous and prominent feature at their new HQ.

    I can remember receiving a BOE letter when I was an elder instructing elders to take down WT symbols from kingdom halls. I thought at the time they may have finally got the message that it was hypocritical to denounce idolatry whilst using a symbol so prominently in their literature and on buildings. Evidently they didn't get the message at all, they just wanted exclusivity in how it was used.


  • wasblind

    Call me a loose woman,

    ((((((( cedars )))))))

    Yan bibyan, you nailed it

  • LostGeneration

    Probably not the best wording, but the sheep won't catch anything from that. They just think that HQ needs more room, and Brooklyn doesn't offer it at an affordable price. Plus he covered his ass in the second statement by saying that maybe Warwick will never open because of the Great Trib.

    Of course the real reason is unlocking the hundreds of millions tied up in real estate to fund operations for at least another few decades. Then they can hand off the bankrupt WT to GB 3.0 in 2040. It will be their problem to figure out.

  • tootired2care

    Bookmarked - nice find Cedars, thanks for sharing, and I salute you for your hard work.

  • james_woods

    Perhaps if Jehovah does not want them to build it, he will direct the Environmental Authorities to the toxic waste they have buried in upstate N.Y. and occupy them with that issue.

  • Ding

    Sounds like the GB has picked up a lot of flak from the brothers wondering how this multi-year building project is consistent with the claim that Armageddon is coming any day now.

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