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  • SweetBabyCheezits

    Sweet Cheezits! The forum looks pristine today! How the hell are all you godless, fetus-eating heathens on this beautiful Friday?

    I hope this wasn't posted between page 2 and page 25....


    SweetBabyCheezits You have found me out. My church is a village pub called The George & Dragon. Here all matters to do with life, existence, and the effect of sugar on yeast, are thrashed out.

    I have met George but have yet to meet his wife!

  • Berengaria


  • Berengaria
  • james_woods

    Hello, everyone.

    I hope that we will now have universal peace and happiness.

    I am still in contact with N.drew - I told her not to come back (under another name).

  • elderelite

    James, i still respect that you vouch for her as person, but i am non the less confused... I know a few members of this board in real life and they are in person exactly as they seem here. Positive and not so positive qualities seem to reflect in posts over time.... I take your word for it that she wasnt just trolling here, but im not sure what she got from all this... And the whole threating phone call thing from canada.... It was all a bit much. If her posts were an acurrate reflection of her as a individual then it would appear she is very unique indeed. Dosent strike me as the type of person that you would vouch for normally

  • wasblind

    ((((((( Sweetbabycheezits ))))))) Hey there LUV !!!!!

  • james_woods

    You don't get it, EE?


    She was a very brilliant person who also had serious emotional problems.

    I am very ashamed of JWN for ganging up on her - it was a lot like 3rd grade kids making fun of a special needs child.

  • palmtree67

    A person with "serious emotional problems" needs to be in therapy. Not a discussion board.

    No one here is equipped to handle "serious emotional problems", nor should we be expected to. Be ashamed all you want. We are not therapists.

  • wasblind

    It's ashame how the involvement in a cult can affect the coping mechanisms of individuals who were once involved

    it's a sad thing indeed

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