Jehovah's Witnesses And The Paranormal

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Yes, I had a direct experience with the demons when I was about seven. I went to a friend's house for a sleepover and when the lights went out, thousands of brightly flashing demons covered my body under the sheets. I started screaming and crying that I wanted to go home. My friend said Let me see them. He said That's static electricity, not demons. I didn't believe him, and my mother came to pick up the nutcase kid she was raising with all this demon bullshit.

    Fill your kids head up with demon ideas, you get demons. Fill your kids head up with reality, you get someone who probably doesn't need to see a shrink when they're forty-two. As far as:

    Millions of people in all manner of religious or otherwise testify to having experienced the paranormal or supernatural.

    Billions of people see rainbows all of the time. Rainbows do not exist - the stuff is all put together in the human brain.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Billions of people see rainbows all the time but they don't exist. Dumbass comment of the day on here.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Haha. We need to start a separate thread on rainbow ontology.

  • mamalove

    I am curious if anyone does believe in an afterlife or when a loved one dies, have you ever had them come back to you in some form?

    This topic fascinates me and if I could, I would definitely go to a medium and see if they could get any of my deceased JW family members to come forward and say anything, or give me a sign of some sort.

  • mindseye

    What I always found interesting is the JW paranoia about demons possessing antiques and other objects. I've known witnesses who have thrown out nice pieces of furniture and other valuables because they thought the objects were 'demonized.' This belief is not even biblical, there's no instance in the bible that I know of where a demon possesses an object. This belief has much more in common with 'animism', a belief that spirits are embodied in the physical world. It also had much in common with occult beliefs.

  • designs

    As one dear friend reminded me the other day 'we were 50 and still believed in the Talking Snake'

  • theBGB

    My father once told me a story when I was like 7 that when he was studying to become a JW before he got baptised demons came and were tapping on his apartment window all night to scare him away from continuing studying. This was the first time I remember ever thinking that paranormal entities actually existed, and it terrified me for weeks, I expected to see demons every time i looked out a window. Later on when I started critically thinking...I wondered why the demons would bother F-ing with my dad, since he was such an abusive ass, like...yeeeaaaaahhhh the JWs would missing SO MUCH if he was scared out of joining.

    Then when we moved to a small town community up in northern Ontario and suddenly there were 'urban legends' about several specific possessed object JWs have come across; one sister bought a second-hand dress and everytime she wore it she would get a terrible fever and flu like symptoms causing her to miss meeting (LOL!), same with a pair of earings, and a second-hand couch that started making 'wierd' things happen in the house. The moral of these stories: Don't buy anything from garage sales or second-hand stores because anything owned by anyone who isnt a JW at any point could be possessed! Bahaha!

    I've only heard of one storie where a JW couple actually full-on admited to seeing (whitnessing) a ghost/demon/wtvr; they moved into this apartment/house started unpacking their stuff, the next morning they wake to find some archiach coins (or coin) on the breakfast table. then they both reported seeing the spectre of half a man (the top half, legless) moving around the property on several occasions over the two or three days they stayed there. I never got anymore details or explanation regarding this tale, and I cant remember the couple now but I remember knowing who it was when I was told it happened.

  • theBGB

    I used to play Magic The Gathering! I used to keep my collection at a friends place, remember bringing some back home to build a deck and my dad found them ( I swear everyday he would scour my room looking for things to punish me for) and burned them in the backyard...didnt tell me, just left the half-burned cards out for me to find. I was like 'meh, their just commons'. I mostly thought it was amusing.

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer


    Long-time Jehovah’s Witnesses have heard just about every conceivable story of things and people being demonized. Over the years the Watchtower organization has shared more than its fair-share of demon stories. And, of course, if Watchtower said it then it must be true. Right?

    Here’s a glimpse of stories told by Watchtower:

    Firewalkers Demonized:

    Watchtower and Ouija:

    Demonized Snake:

    Watchtower Picture of Demon Materialization:

    Demon in the Court:

    Demonized Hindus — Says Watchtower:

    Demonized Bozo the Dog:

    Demonized Cat:

    Watchtower on Demon Materialization:

    Watchtower — Ectoplasm!!!:

    Demonized house — according to Watchtower:

    Marvin Shilmer

  • theBGB

    Demonized cats and dogs Oh My! That 'Bozo the demon dog' is CLASSIC! Only JWs are gullible (brainwashed) enough to think carnie tricks are evidence of demonic possession.

    Thanks for the chuckles Marvin!

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