Jehovah's Witnesses And The Paranormal

by Cold Steel 45 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Jeffro


    just classic there jeffro and you know where you can place your lips on my anatomy after an attack like that ,

    Night Owl:

    Jeffro, You are just an ass.

    Yes, I know people don't like facts getting in the way of their cherished misconceptions. If you want to believe there are fairies at the bottom of the garden, go right ahead. But if someone dismisses what could be a serious medical connection on the basis of some delusional superstitious belief, well it won't be my fault.

  • mP

    Its amazing how in this modern day and age, with cameras galore nobody has yet to film a ghost. All the vids of ghosts are pathetic and many are plain fakes.

  • Flat_Accent

    My dad says he's had several demon experiences. The first being the day before he got baptized, he was strangled in his sleep. The second was from a possessed antique doll my mum had bought from a charity shop. Apparently the demon came to him while he was half asleep and said "We're not that bad, you know. Let me show you." The demon then tried to 'possess' him.

    Me, I've never had a demon experience, but maybe that's because i'm not overly paranoid about it. Or I'm in Satans hands and he doesn't need to scare me, because then I'd just go running back to mother Watchtower.

  • heathen

    it's not a serious medical condition and we don't need a quack like you to diagnose it . fine you don't believe , don't care at the least but people that just come into these threads with insults and attacks can find better use of their time .

  • SweetBabyCheezits
    Millions of people in all manner of religious or otherwise testify to having experienced the paranormal or supernatural.

    Don't forget alien abductions!

  • heathen

    aliens require physical evidence of technologically advanced civilizations traveling distances that no human technology is capable .Most evidence presented is fraudulent and about 1 % cannot be explained by natural or man made cause but is simply put in the unexplained bin . Science is about proving things without supersticion or assumption , dealing in irrefutable facts .

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