An email sent to me- we are reallly close to the end

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  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    I prefer the Jubjub bird.

  • tootired2care

    Oh please, I wasn't supposed to graduate high school before this so called end nonsense.

  • cofty

    Bro.Hernandez also repeatedly said we are living in the last seconds of the last days.

    Bro.Hernandez is a knobhead.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Bro.Hernandez is a knobhead.

    Ah, Cofty, you Brits carry that inherent eloquence in expression ...

    Let me be more blunt: Bro. Hernandez is a [email protected]! (special character used only to attempt cpmpliance with posting rules. My feelings about the "Brother" remain unchanged by word spelling accuracy).

  • Dagney

    Same s**t, different day.

    Poor saps that never question this crap. Ugh.

  • theBGB

    I can't believe 'believers' still try posting their crap would take a VERY special person to read all the FACTS refuting the WTBS b.s. here then read a post like the OPs and think 'My god they're right! I was almost fooled by these apostates! Darn you Satan you almost had me there...'

  • steve2

    An excellent example of the way a detailed metaphor takes over the message and stifles the ability to sensibly assess the speaker's words. There's nothing quite like paralyzing frightened people with the spectre of satanic influence.

    A better bird to illustrate the JW dullard mentality is the New Zealand pukeko:

    The pukeko is a flightless bird, with awkward gait. It wanders onto the road totally oblivious to oncoming traffic until it is about to be flattened - but somehow most motorists are able to avert their vehicles at the last minute and the pukeko (a protected species) survives to live another day, stumbling, bumbling its way through life, caught up in its own narrow field of vision, incapable of moderating its self-absorbed behaviour.

    I know JWs like that. God, for a while back then, I was like that!

  • Finkelstein

    Today Satan is like the cowbird. He watches us and then tries to drop eggs into our nest.

    Just another of the many stupid analogies that WTS speakers make from time to time, the ironic thing is they think

    they're actually being brilliant. This particular one as others have noted is full of fear inducing thoughts, to keep people

    buying and distributing the WTS. litature to the public. Fear supplicates the lies and bullshit the WTS. puts out, these work together

    in proliferating the WTS. published goods and has for decades

  • Jim_TX

    Here are two things that you could reply with... pick one:

    1) Tell your friend that Armageddon has already happened. It happened invisibly, just like the 1914 thing that happened. It happened in 1975. Yup, we're currently in year 37 of the 'new system of things'. Tell them that if they didn't 'see' it, they do not have the right heart condition, and need to study more.

    2) Tell your friend that they need to be careful believing what anyone 'says'. If it is not in print, then they could be running ahead of the governing body, who provides the proper 'food' at the proper time. There were many in the years prior to 1975 that were told that 1975 would be the start of Armageddon. This information was provided by individuals like Bro. Hernandez. They were sincere in their beliefs, but were getting ahead of the governing body, and hence misled many to believe that 1975 was a pivotal year. Anyone who spreads such rumors is guilty of running ahead of the governing body.

    ...let the reader use discernment...

    (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    So the brother giving the talk was very familiar with the governing body. Wow! That means absolutely nothing. I always wondered why these apologist come in, drop a few turds, then run and hide. Do they count their time on the amount of responses they receive?

    This topic reminded me of one of my favorite recording artists:

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