An email sent to me- we are reallly close to the end

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  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Yes, the last seconds of the last days. Just like I wasn't supposed to finish the 1st grade (I started in the fall of 75)!

    I remember 3 years ago, a friend of mine is a WT conductor in one of the local congregations. I was riding in the car with him and his wife and he was talking about the WT study he had conducted earlier that day. It was the Sunday before the convention and he said that he forgot to mention how this convention could be the last one we have this side of Armageddon. My response? That's ok, you can do it next year!!

    He wasn't too happy with my comment and especially when I mentioned how Jesus said that no one would now the day or hour and at a time no one would expect it, it would come. He just changed the subject.

    Maybe I'll ask him this year if he made that comment!!

  • wallsofjericho
    They may be work, school, entertainment, recreation, or whatever, and we begin to take more care of Satan's eggs than our own spiritual needs

    the WTS is such a perfect cult. See how work, school, entertainment & recreation are from Satan? eventhough these very things are all referred to in scripture as a part of a Christian life.

    The JW will say: "He NEVER said that those are from Satan, he was just making an illustration!"

    but we all know better. And the JW subconscienciously makes this connection too.

    Dam this cult is good at mind control.

    For all you lurkers out there, if you spend the next 10 minutes yelling at me through your computer about how I am an idiot and that your not brain washed and that I am just too stupid and blinded by Satan to see that you have the truth, well.... that is exactly what a brain washed cultie would do.

    so there.

  • tootired2care

    Just filed this one under my WTS stupid-analogies-for-how-to-live-your-life thread for safe keeping.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Nanosecond still leaves wiggle room as there are some 5 units that are even smaller. Come on, JW's, it can't be more than a yoctosecond away.

    Units of a second as found on Wikipedia










  • ziddina

    Damm!! Wesley Willis' "Chicken Cow" sounds like my grandfather's tales of the "SnowSnake"...

    Good example of an idiotic illustration, Sour Grapes!!

    And speaking of idiotic illustrations...

    Does anyone here remember the moronic bit - at the assemblies - about 5 - 7 years ago about the guy who had an uncurable tic, but when he shot himself in the head, he was suddenly 'cured'???

    And then the imbeciles at the Watchtower's assemblies compared "shooting oneself in the head" to getting a college education...

  • 00DAD

    FatFreek, You've left out the WT's miraculous Whacked-o-second! It's sooner than soon, yet still lasts long enough for Jehovah to save all that can be saved before the end, which is F-A-S-T approaching, finally comes.

  • Magwitch

    Last I heard we were a whisper away from the end. Now we are seconds away??? Does that make the end closer than a whisper or farther?

  • bennyk
    "The time is so short! It is not so much the years now, but we count the time by weeks and days... (Watch Tower, 15. Jan. 1912 [WT Reprints p. 4960])

  • Chariklo

    Well, Sour Grapes, thanks very much for the description of the cowbird. I really enjoyed that. Being in Britain, and a birdwatcher, I'd never heard of those birds and it was interesting.

    A thought: Does it mind which cows it goes on? Does it always choose brown cows or branch out into white or black? Long haired? Whatever it chooses, can we read meaning for us into it?

    And for the rest....well, what can I say that hasn't been said by everyone else. That Brother are so blessed to have him!

    Time to get ready....who would have guessed?

    Armageddon must be just round the corner!

  • biometrics

    So couldn't that very same Cowbird illustration be used against the Watchtower.

    Christianity is the "other bird" who created the nest when Jesus was on earth, and laid spiritual "eggs". Then the lazy "Cowbird" Jehovah's Witnesses decided to hijack Christianity by planting their eggs in the nest. At first sight both eggs look spiritual, then the JW eggs hatch and consume all the resources of the host (e.g. witnessing, studying publications). The newly hatched Cowbirds will also kill any non-Cowbird chicks (i.e. by disfellowshipping those who disagree with JW teachings).

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