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  • maccauk11

    Give your hearts to jesus.Surrender to him. Humble yourself. Dont Judge others.He will give you peace and Joy and set your path straight.

  • UnConfused

    The key is to find peace so that they don't stay in your head. You are on your way!

  • NewChapter

    Welcome BGB! Thanks for sharing your story. We're gonna like you!


  • sd-7

    Wow, this is one of the best introductions I've ever read. Also, I'm a huge Star Wars fan myself, we oughta chat sometime! (I didn't use quite the same rationalizations about the Force, save to reason that it was no different than superpowers, but 'holy spirit'? That's a good one!) I only started getting into LOTR after getting out of the JWs (and I've more recently gotten into the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' books--George R.R. Martin is definitely writing a composite no-no for JWs to read!), but I played the KOTOR series back in the day and have read most of the SW novels (working on 'Fate of the Jedi: Vortex' at the moment).

    Anyway, your story is what my story would have been if I'd been totally awesome. Alas, I was not. Mine is like the antithesis of yours, I would guesss, born-in without a backbone, mostly trying to please Mom more than anything, until I realized I was being loyal to an organization that offered no rewards, only vague promises of future rewards, and no solutions now, only solutions in the future. The last 2 years since I've been out have been an uphill battle, but also very liberating and enlightening at the same time.

    Glad to read your post. You're obviously a talented writer, 'cause I was hooked.


  • sd-7

    Also, I thought it was hilarious that you were doing a search on Arkham City walkthroughs and ended up here. Wow, must be one heck of a search engine...ha ha! How is that game, by the way? I'll probably never play it, but I'm still curious.


  • ammo


    Hey there, and Welcome!

    Ammo :)

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