World Could End Soon (Oh, Crap)

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  • elderelite

    With respect zid, noone survived before electricity. Its always been here, we just handt harnesed it :-D And really this is why i now worship Thor. In theory i will never be without electricity since he is the god of storms and all. Kick. Ass. Hammer.

  • metatron
  • ziddina
    "With respect zid, noone survived before electricity...." Elderelite

    Duuuuuuude, you're confusing electricity [man-made] with lightning [Thor-made]....

    You, of ALL people, should know the difference...


    Apart from fun, the super volcano of Santorini gives signals that an eruption may take place soon. Given the history of the volcano a super eruption might be the end of our modern civilization.

  • talesin

    Metatron,, I'm not laughing at you,,, I'm just saying that there are choices -- worry about things we can't do a dang thing about,,, or live day to day. Most folks have more immediate concerns to address, and this type of thing is completely beyond our control.


  • ziddina
    "the super volcano of Santorini ..." NOLAW

    Santorini isn't a "super" volcano, you numnuts!!!

    Here's a list of the REAL "super" volcanoes:

    And from this website:

    Comes this comment:

    "To learn more about how super-volcanoes operate, scientists analyzed crystals from volcanic rocks of Santorini. Although the volcano at Santorini is not a super-volcano- which is loosely defined as one capable of erupting more than 120 cubic miles (500 cubic km) of magma at once..."
  • elderelite

    Im not confusing anythig zid! Thor has made it all clear to me!! This Thor-day i will publish a post that will help you. If its read by more than three people i can count it as a bible study. Wait..... Im confusing my old religion and my new one arnt i....?

  • metatron

    I understand, Talesin. It wasn't directed at you.

    I once read that an entire tribe disappeared when that tsunami hit part of Indonesia. They all had dreams or warnings about it and left until it was over. On that note, I worry that some 2012 sites are publishing claims about people having the same basic dream across the world : tsunamis, people being drowned by massive waves, the sun darkened, the sky lit up like foreworks. If your tastes don't run to psychic stuff, how about Jung and the collective unconscious?

    Or that may just be an editing bias and people hopped up on Mayan nonsense.

    As you say, there may not be much we can do. I still hope for a better tomorrow.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    i went last year to a lecture by Joe McMoneagle it was very interesting and credible.

    The earth's history is full of extinctions and yea one's probably on the horizon and there's no where to run. I don't know if its this year or not it could be besides we don't know the answers like what are we? Who if anybody is in control? Do we continue to survive maybe? can we change the course of events probably not. Will we die someday yes. Tomorrow maybe.

    i don't like any of it but nobody cares what I think. I don't think it's loving to allow beings to spend their lives with no real solid information but enough intelligence to understand their predicament it's just not right but who do you complain to.

  • cantleave

    Personally I think another mass extinction due to super volcanic activity or a meteor strike is entirely possible. If it happens it happens, not a great deal we can do about it.

    However I don't believe in any psychic mumbo jumbo predicting it.

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