World Could End Soon (Oh, Crap)

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  • bohm


    bohm, you're a glib troll

    the horror!

    Perhaps your superficial reading missed the fact that I wish to be wrong about these predictions - as well as the fact that we won't know if they're wrong until after 2014.

    It would be even better if you wished to be correct. If that ever become the case you can just start reading outside the echo-chamber which is these conspiracy nut websites and apply the least bit of critical thinking skills. They have a 100% failure rate on all serious predictions.

    Here is a thing for you to ponder: I was 100% correct that rossis cold-fusion scam was, well, a scam and did not work. I will be 100% correct in 2014 when it become obvious that this, too, is nonsense. Perhaps at some point you should give my skills as psychic a bit of reflection ;-).

  • Nambo

    If its not one thing, its another.

    After reading the above article you might like to Googgle "Cracks in the Earth"

  • bohm

    Evidently, that "researcher" did more than google crack...

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    I've got no respect for the claims of clairvoyants. I can predict coin tosses with about 50% accuracy on a long enough scale and, if you forget the misses and tell others about me, my accuracy increases significantly.

    Maybe this world needs a good CME to reset our perspective.

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