Social networks a huge no from the service meetings!

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  • FlyingHighNow

    Do they know about youtube? I have went back and forth with more than one of JW's on youtube. They will keep coming back for more.

  • Tater-T

    @ FHN.. I was just on you tube, they have assembly parts and I saw a young persons first talk.. on there so they must..

    They were definitly done by real JW's


  • 144001

    A JW woman I knew since my teen years found me on facebook and asked to join my friend list. I hadn't seen her in decades and was in no hurry to do so, as I never really liked her much. Anyway, to avoid being rude, I accepted her friend request.

    I found that she posted more than anyone I have ever known. "I'm just waking up, having some coffee." "My husband's friend's call too often." "I think I have to go to the bathroom . . ."

    I'm sure most of you who use FB know of at least someone who is a rabid poster like the person Ive described. Well, about a month ago, she suddenly disappeared from FB, without a trace. She had over 500 pics posted (yes, she thinks she's hot, despite my thoughts to the contrary), and about 35 - 50 posts a day. It was weird for her to suddenly disappear.

    Well, I guess she's a victim of the crackdown by the WT on social networks. But in her case, I think it's good for her to get off FB. She was addicted!

  • flipper

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- The elders actually stated , " you could lose Jehovah's spirit for going on a social network " ? Wow. It really does show how paranoid they are getting. WT society and GB are running scared of all of us ex-Witnesses ! Good. It's a good thing

  • 00DAD

    you could lose Jehovah's spirit for going on a social network

    Will God De-Friend me?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Yes Flipper he said that. I wish I had recorded it because I was blown away by it. I was thinking he truly did not say what I just heard but I swear he did. "You could loose Jehovah's spirit if you are not careful and undo eveything you have worked for." Unbelievable I know. Both of the elders who had the parts are not the brights bulbs in the group of elders. Like one poster said I am surprised the first elder even knows how to turn on the computer.

    Anyway it was truly unbelievable listening to them.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I must add one more point the elder that said that in the service part is so full of himself it is unreal. He has a job in at a local hospital and the way he talks people think he is a doctor. They truly do I have heard people ask. He is always talking about medical stuff and of course about the blood issue etc, like he is just as expert on everything to do with the medical field. I even believed he when I first meet him, he is really good at talking big. Perfect one for the part on social networking.

    Anywho I am back to work and off the computer for now.



    Since I am a new member on these forums, here is 'my' facebook page:

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