Social networks a huge no from the service meetings!

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  • NVR2L8

    In the local congregation there are several people including MS who use Facebook to share news items pointing to the proximity of the unbaptized son showed me a UN quote promoting "peace and security"...the Facebook poster said it was a distinct sign of the end...I then showed my son the mission statement on the official UN website...old news brought up to fuel up their dillusion...Except for a long-time friend and one relative, there are no JWs on my FB friends list...and we keep it to small talk and none of the JW talk.

  • dontplaceliterature

    Our part was given by a pretty liberal Elder. He doesn't have a FB page to my knowledge, and neither does his wife. However, his position was more or less: "Be smart about it." I told my wife afterward that the smart thing to do would be to remove all the Jehovah's Witnesses from your friends list, that way you were absolutely sure none of them would ever get offended.

  • tornapart

    My elder hubby did these talks. He's pretty liberal too, think most went home and just tweaked a few of their privacy settings. :)

    As for those of us who know it's all lies and all control but stay in.. believe me it's not for want of coming out or out of hypocrisy. We just don't want to lose all our family.

  • kurtbethel

    The first elder said "Did you know when you put (gasp) you name and address on Face Book any one in the world now knows where you live?

    What the elder was REALLY saying, translated into standard American English: "I is too stoopid to figger out the facebook privacy console to block my info from being seen by those who are not my friends, so you should hamper your activities so you do not do anything above my skill and intelligence level."

  • LongHairGal


    The internet is their worst enemy, not only because of the free flow of information you can access in the privacy of your own home (without the control freaks looking over your shoulder) but because you can associate with anybody you want without the religion knowing about it. They can't do a damn thing about it and it makes them angry. This is the religion's REAL issue: who you are associating with. Quite simply, they want to legislate who you talk to. What do you think disfellowshipping is all about?

    I do think they are most afraid of F.B. for that reason. I love it for that reason. I was able to connect with old neighbors, schoolmates and people from the religion who are "out" and I was able to find out the real reasons they are out. I also am aware of the snooping tendency of JWs and I do not have any active JW friends on F.B. I unfriended them. I got so tired of worrying about having the privacy settings just so. Now I don't have to worry who sees my wall. Besides, who knows what F.B. may do in the future or who buys it out or what changes could be made. So, your privacy settings and special list of people may be undone so that everybody sees everything. No guarantees with a free service!

    Bottom line: As far as the religion and its "no social networking" cries, it is all about them not being able to control who you talk to.

  • RagingBull

    Those parts were a bunch of Bullshyt!

    Just say it... GB doesn't want people finding Apostates or keeping in touch with Disfellowshipped persons via Facebook etc. They don't care about your identity (theft) or safety!!!! I've had worse association and more flirting at a kingdom hall, fs, or convention than on Facebook!

    The fact is this. If they really cared about the gospel/message/good news getting out there to people...the WATCHTOWER would have their own pages up (like many other companies that have facebook and Youtube channels) could reach the whole world. But NOOOOO.....they'd rather have you drag your broke ass out of bed...use the little bit of gas you do have to ride to a neighborhood you probably don't even live in, to knock on doors ...and for what???


  • BluesBrother

    While embracing technology for themselves in the business of printing etc, they have always deplored it for the r & f publishers.

    In the '50s to 60's it was television that was Satan's big snare ( I can recall a C/Assembly demo when one of those big old sets with doors on the front was opened up to see a scary face of Satan The Devil leering out at the audience ! The programmes were more theatrical in those days)

    In the 80's VCRs got a hammering , I don't know why ..Microwave ovens, we were told would fry your insides if you stood close to them.

    Then the Internet and now Social media ...........What next?

    Did not somebody say that "the best lies contain an ounce of truth" or words to that effect??

  • thetrueone

    This religious cult like so many out there wants to control people on many levels , one way of course is who their people associate with or talk to.

    They don't want their adherents to receive information that would invalidate themselves or the organization, to do so they would lose

    all power and control of their people . Much like keeping slaves to their own subjective power, control and financial support.

    Facebook, like the inter-net itself with all of its freely open information in its entirety is deemed by them as a plausible threat.

    So what do these religious leaders do ? they denounce and demean this kind probable threat.

    Much like and similar in the way they demeaned and denounced higher education.

    The game is power and control , its entangled in their wants and desires.

  • RagingBull

    and speaking of Education...wonder what they will do when the gov't will require (in the US) some form of higher learning in order to even obtain an entry-level job?

  • straightshooter

    My spouse told me that her congregation was very balanced in their approach of the social networking subject. They stated the dangers and also the advantages. But the other congregation was very condemnatory of social networking. Therefore I think this is up to the opinions of the elders in the local cong.

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