WTF? Steven Untank's money accounts suddenly closed!!

by mind blown 134 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • soft+gentle

    perhaps some donaters have wised up and are asking for their money back?

    edit: and anyway why does Mr Unthank need more donations at this point?

  • skeeter1

    Sounds like you need an attorney in Australia and a newspaper reporter....

    I found the following on some help pages, don't know how accurate it is...


    Can PayPal close my account?

    Of course yes . And you agreed to it when you accepted their TOS. And that’s why all the mess happens leaving you helpless! The word is out that they make money on the interest when they hold or freeze the account. Usually they close your account in cases such as:

    • Customer complaint
    • Non delivery of goods or services
    • Problems with delivered goods or services
    • Identity issues
    • Transactions of more than $ 2000 (paid or received)
    • Any other issues (refer to Section 5 of their User Agreement for more)


    here are ways to deal with the problem. You can approach the crisis in a methodical way.

    Steps to unfreeze your PayPal account:

    1. Call PayPal to enquire the reason of the account being frozen. You can reach them at 1-888-221-1161.
    2. If PayPal says it’s because of a dispute raised by your customer, try to resolve that, using proof of delivery, or other documents that address the complaint or dispute of the customer.
    3. Find out if there’s a chargeback. If yes find out why it’s happened and try to resolve it by providing the required documents. Don’t be rude with the concerned buyer or seller whoever has put the chargeback. This is because if you do the situation will become more grim and you may lose your funds.
    4. Last but not the least, provide all documents that PayPal asks for, but make two sets of copies and send with a Return Receipt. That way you can maintain proof of sending the docs and they can’t say they never got.


    Remember their TOS saying; if PayPal believes for any reason that you being engaged in any kind of fraudulent, illegal or improper activity. They say believe, not even prove!! It’s a tough nut to crack.

    But you have to find the reason somehow. Bad customer feedback? Yearly limit of funds transactions crossed? Even exorbitant fund transfers raise suspicion of PayPal and give them reason to freeze account

  • cedars

    soft+gentle - please don't be silly, especially on this of all subjects...

    perhaps some donaters have wised up and are asking for their money back?
    edit: and anyway why does Mr Unthank need more donations at this point?

    If it were that simple, PayPal would have stated that as a reason for freezing his account. Furthermore, you sound completely naive when it comes to the costs of pursuing a legal case - especially to the extent that Unthank has taken his thus far.

    mind blown - yes, it all adds up now. First the Menlo Park case "going away" for no apparent reason, and now this. If I can do anything to support Unthank's efforts, I will gladly do so.


  • mind blown
    mind blown

    @ soft+gentle what are you insinuating??

    It's too much of a coincidence that the hearing is 2 1/2 weeks away and this happens....

    I've already thought of two ways donaters can get him funds, however, I now dare not say anything .....will wait to see what transpires......

  • DonutZ!

    Looks like the society is getting scared if they're doing this!

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh I agree. This is as close a shave they've received to date

  • nugget

    Paypal are arrogant and inflexible. They will never admit to wrongdoing and will not communicate with anyone. Most of the emails sent are automatically generated and trying to work a way through the system is a nightmare. For it to have affected the bank account seems to indicate some complaint of fraud since paypal has no authority over standard accounts. It is likely that if such a complaint has been made that the parties involved will not discuss it with the person affected. It may be that the watchtower are using dirty tricks, their past behaviour has been less than honourable. If they truly felt they were justified there would be no need to try and railroad the prosecution.

    soft+gentle court cases are expensive and Mr Uthank has used a lot of his own time and resources. People who have donated did so understanding the facts it is unlikely that they have asked for a refund. He is using the money for the purpose for which it was intended unlike the watchtower who is very disingenuous about how they use donations they receive and ask for money to cover assembly expenses that have already been covered.

  • soft+gentle

    skepticism and caution are not silly cedars. you are very silly to say so. soliciting for donations is serious and needs to be taken seriously.

    many have been suggesting that mr unthank use a lawyer but he insists on representing himself and whats more he insists on representing himself according to how, in his view, the society represents itself. Plus only one case appears to be in motion and still the police have not made any charges against the Traralgon congregation - this speaks volumes.

    I'm not saying Mr Unthank is being dishonest but I will say he is being very naive and he appears to be unable to interpret what is required legally - this is understandable as he does not have legal training.

    Mr Unthank please let the state prosecutor take on the case without strings attached.

  • shamus100


    It looks like, on the surface that the WTBTS is doing something dirty, or else a JW in paypal is doing something dirty. Bloody dubs!

    If they can steal COC books out of libraries and drool at our demise this is not surprising.

  • skeeter1

    Police investigations of this nature take several months, if not years to complete!

    I think there are several cases Steve Unthank is involved int.

    I think Steve Unthank is working each & every month, through the court system.

    I think he is at a turning point, where the next court appearance will either turn it over to the State.

    I think soft+gentle's comments are ridiculous and absurd. I think soft+gentle wants to discredit Steven Unthank. And, why would that be? Hmmmmmmmm.........

    I always wondered if there were WTS trolls on this site...........

    When I see such comments against people like Barbara Anderson or Steve Unthank . . . .. well, it makes me wonder.....


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