Those "Passion arousing jungle rythyms" !

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  • talesin

    The origin of The Hustle's wild abandon was with ancient African dancers.

    Rebel, you crack me up, too!.. So, in honour of your post, I present,, The HUSTLE!


  • rebel8

    talesin, the brothers would like to have a word with you in the back room after the meeting. Something about stumbling others with demonic homosexual fertility rites.

    srsly, I envision a group of repressed, timid, naive dubs wearing prarie skirts and polyester suits, sitting in the kh on orange chairs with brown shag carpets, listening to a talk about the dangers of disco and believing--not only that disco is evil--but that it is such a big deal there is actually disco literature.

    I suppose the purpose of disco literature would be to indoctrinate children into the disco culture to turn them into depraved Voodoo homosexual druggie demon-possessed rapists twirling around in tiny bell-bottomed jumpsuits and platform shoes.

  • snare&racket
  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    "We who go forth of nights and see without the slightest discomposure our sister and our wife seized on by a strange man and subjected to violent embraces and canterings round a small-sized apartment - the only apparent excuse for such treatment being that is done to the sound of music - can scarcely realize the horror which greeted the introduction of this wicked dance."

    This is exactly how dancing was described to me while i was studying. People rubbing themselves on each other with someone other than their mate, but the music makes it all ok. So for some time, dancing was a no no. even at weddings. In the spanish cong that shared our KH, the elders would show up at gatherings and stop the music if people got up to dance. Sounds like a fun place to be doesn't it?

    The year I married they finally started to ok dancing, but the brothers had to reveiw each song and lyric. Although at my wedding, my brother in law wouldn't let his wife dance with the best man during the reception.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I remember watching Footloose (the original) and being bothered by it. It was strangely familiar. The characters in the movie were being oh so suppressed. Yet we JW kids weren't?

    These posts are hilarious.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Ah, dancing. Some evangelical males from high school explained it was evil b/c girls just wanted sex. Men have no sex drive at all. A woman must ensnare them. The fault resides with the women. What a relationship is a single dance will lead to utter destruction of the marriage. The troubling part is that the wife obeyed instead of getting up and having clean fun.

    It takes a mind too focused on sex to find harm with dancing. I always wished I could be a flapper and dance the Charleston with abandon.

    I tried desperately to learn to dance. A choreographer for hire helped me. I thought I would have so many more friends and men if I could dance properly. My JW fear of rejection made me wooden. It took quite a while to be able to dance.

  • snare&racket

    I went out to a club one night with some JW friends, one of which had never been out properly before, he was abit of a super JW. He got smashed quickly as he was drinking sneaky shots between rounds. He was also 'getting off' with girls all over the place, even a woman in a wheelchair.. (what a night).

    I knew he would regret it in the morning, so might we as I was sure he would feel the need to confess to the elders. When I attempted to calm him down and say "dude this is not like you, be yourself" he began screaming at the top of his voice "This is Satans house!" MY friends thought this was hilarious, but I always felt really guilty for taking him out. The irony was that he was probably the worst behaved person there.

    The club was an average place with a sticky floor, crap 90's dance music and vodka drinks. Satans house it was not. It makes me laugh that we believed we could be judged on our actions.. however we were so easily inluenced by music, the enviroment, association, drink... if we are so weak how can we be judged at all?

    Its like the scripture describing people at the end of the world, lovers of money, diobediant to parents, drunkards, fornicators.... there were laws in the mosaic law to cover all these issues as PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LIKE THIS....a person dancing to Insomnia by faithless is probably the most unlikely person to be mean or nasty in the whole city.......right?................or it was Satans house and satan knows how to throw a party x

  • wobble

    Satan is great at my parties ! just watch you don't trip over his forked tail !

    Wasn't all the WT stuff about music and enjoying yourself such a load of unadulterated BOLLOCKS !!

    Those repressed arseholes in Brooklyn didn't have a clue what they were talking about, or what the Bethel Boys and Girls were getting up to under their noses !

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