why JWs doesn't celebrate birthday?

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  • Brad Wilson
    Brad Wilson

    vientotz ,

    I became a witness largely because they were so nice and they seemed to use the bible , I left the witnesses 34 yrs later because while many of them remained nice their use of the bible became primarily a use of the wt publications while ignoring the very bible they claimed to be using. Of course after 34 yrs there became many more reasons for leaving and the primary one of those is and was their very very CONTROLLING mode of operation. In a nutshell this was no longer the religion I had signed on for.

    And thats just a hint of why You need to ask many many questions.

    Peace - Brad

  • ScenicViewer

    @ Vientotz, who said,

    @scenicviewer -I just read your PM =) It's not that I don't get what you've said, hmm. =) All JW's are aware of that right?

    No, all JWs are not aware of the Watchtower involvement with the UN. When the WTS became an NGO it was very much in secret; only a few in organization management knew of it. The millions of JWs around the world were not informed.

    In addition, the WTS has never addressed the issue to JWs; there was not even one article in the Watchtower, Awake!, or any other publication explaining this action. To me this is proof that the WTS is not associated with the "faithful and discreet slave." The job of the "slave," as JWs see it, is to "give food at the proper time" (spiritual food), explaining issues, answering questions, and that is supposed to come from the Watchtower's governing body. If there ever was something that needed to be addressed, explained, it is the NGO issue. But the WTS has been completely silent on this topic to it's people. The only remark made publically was a brief statement from the legal department saying the WTS became an NGO to get library priveleges at the UN.

    (The JWs who know about it, learned it from following news articles or from reading forums like this one on the internet. Vientotz, are you aware that JWs are strongly warned not to search for information on the internet about their religion? This is the organization's way of controlling what it's people know. To simply read information here, on this site, is a violation of what the WTS teaches.)

    Many JWs left the organization when they found out about the NGO because it represented such a clear double standard in belief. Most JWs still are still not aware of what happened, and if the Society explained it in the Watchtower or Awake!, it would simply inform more of them, and many more would leave the organization because of the hypocrasy of it all.

  • PSacramento

    A birthday is an anniversary and since the WT is ok with the celebration of anniversaries then it SHOULD be ok with birthdays.

    That it isn't means they are hypocritical and that the motives behind NOT celebrating brithdays have NOTHING to do with what the bible teaches.

  • Quendi

    The WTS ban on birthdays is part and parcel of 'going beyond the things that are written' Paul condemns at 1 Corinthians 4:6. As others have already noted, the Bible says absolutely nothing about the practice, so the WTS should have remained silent as well. Instead, by injecting religious cant into a purely personal matter, the organization has been able to exert a subtle but iron-clad control over its members, to their detriment. Since leaving the religion for good and all, I have resumed celebrating the birthdays of family and friends as well as my own. My own celebration simply involves a quiet dinner with a friend whose birthday falls the day after mine so we make it a double celebration.

    I would give this simple advice to vientotz with respect to Jehovah's Witnesses. Don't be fooled by the "nice" and "good" people you have met in your home and the Kingdom Hall. This religion is a cult, and the people who are so wonderful to you today will abandon you at the drop of a hat at the command and behest of the elders and other leaders. Have nothing else to do with them. If you are involved in a Bible study, end it. Get out of this religion while your mental, emotional and spiritual health is still good because going deeper into it will imperil all of them.


  • vientotz

    I'm speechless-- (tsk tsk) xC if that is true since you guys already had an experienced with JWs. (teary eyes*) ;C i'm worried to my friend. she was baptized last year 2010 and she's a roman catholic before-- she decided to be a JW's coz' she realize that Jehovah is true..

    I'm always asking her why are there so many people criticizing your religion (back before I join here) not just on the internet but all the people i've known, they'll always remind me that their Bible is manipulated. Coz' of my curiousity since I dont want to offend my friend.. That's why I searched it on google 'Does the name Jehovah actually exist in the Bible?' then I found this forum with the topic "Does the name Jehovah actually exist in the original Hebrew language?" --

    Honestly I joined here coz I want to convince myself to believe Jehovah's words, for I thought that this site was made by faithful JW's XD

    I dunno what to say, how can I tell my friend about this facts? I can't dare myself to tell her all this info I get from this forum.

    Please guide me, I don't want to chase them away just because of this. I don't understand myself why I still like to listen to them!

  • Iamallcool

    If you want to talk to active JW's, go to the nearest Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses or call them. This forum is a great place to get the true facts about the JWs! JWs are trained to lie to you. It is called Theocratic Warfare Strategy. They will lie to anyone who is not entitled to know the whole truth. To them, it is not lying.

  • vientotz

    Sorry.. sorry.. sorry.. xc

    please understand, i'm in the process of understanding both sides. I'm not in favor with JW's or to you guys. I just want to learn,know some truth. yesH! i'm convinced with you guys you're telling all the truth i'm bow to that!

    but still, i want to listen to them too .. were still having Bible study every week and I"M NOT YET A JW's

    (sorry i'm not good in english, can't say what I really feel but im trying my best)

    please understand!

  • Iamallcool

    are you deaf or what language do you speak?

  • nugget

    You are going through the process of trying to process too much information at once. You started a bible study because the witnesses themselves seemed pleasant and welcoming. Whilst this is often true it is a religion you are choosing not friends. This site is in the main made up of people who spent many decades dedicating their lives to this religion and left often because they found the religion was not the truth they once believed it was. The people in the religion are still often nice people but their friendships were conditional on them sharing their beliefs. The religion now insists that t these nice people must behave badly to those who no longer believe.

    Before even trying to talk to your friend you need to be clear in your own mind you have been presented with alot of reading and ideas that are in conflict with your original decision. Ask specific questions and take time to clarify anything you are unclear of.

  • vientotz

    hehe peace

    I think my head is not functioning properly gimme time to accept that facts-- please don't cho me away! I want to learn more about JWs!

    I want my friend to join this forum! what would be her reaction's if i'm going to invite her here? >_<

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