Why on earth would WT use a FEMALE lawyer to defend it in Australia case?

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  • rebel8

    I can't believe I missed all of that, Barbara!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I seem to write everday that he was very violent and emotionally abusive. He was a bodyguard to Rutherford. The JW culture gave me a jumping point to commit crimes. Today he would sit in prison. Times have changed. We were terrorized. Spare the rod -- I heard that constantly. My mom said he was just strict. For a long while I saw him as a sort of Puritan father. Talk about denial. I don't blame the Society per se for the abuse but I do blame the culture for allowing it to flourish. It strikes me that many people here report abuse from parents. The WT does not leave in the real world. Sterness and strictness are different from terror. African Americans did not enjoy being slaves. I did not like being part of a much degraded class b/c of my genitals. What do genitals have to do with compence or devotion to God. They have this bourgeois take on life that would be funny if it did not harm people.

    The sheer ignorance is astouning.

    Does anyone know these females with male roles at Bethel on a personal level? It is very intruiging. I wonder if they are Queen Bees, opposed to other women joining them in the rarefied male world. I do not remotely believe that the WT paid more than a full NYT reporter. Never. Perhaps she was a part-time, occasional reporter or a stringer? Maybe the Times has a different pay scale for religous reporters. I feel they cover religion as a colorful story rather than hard news on a regular basis. Sunday paper stuff and an occasional weekday article. It is impossible to know without knowing the women well.

    How could a NYT reporter stomach the chauvinism and ignorance at WTBTS? It is possible but not likely.

    I wrote a forced nice note to the lawyer who wrote the article about Jehovah's Witnesses and Japan before and during WWII. She neglected to mention a single witness on the ground in Japan who faced so much bravely. It was all about Rutherford shuffling paper from the safety of Bethel. It took a lot of effort but I made it very friendly. I did not expect a reply and never received one. Writing about their role would make a great newspaper or magazine article. The phenomena is not isolated to the Witnesses. When I started to practice, women and blacks were just beginning to work at the large Wall St. law firms. I was excited to meet women partners. It seemed as tho most of them were put out that women were being recognized in the profession due to law suits. Rather than mentors, they were banshees to other women. My crowd was very different.

    I don't understand the mind set of going into court and doing a good job and then covering your head with a handkerchief if a twelve year old boy is present. It is also strange how a mere hankie erases the gender divide.

  • MrFreeze

    This way if they lose they can blame it on how lousy women are.

    (No I don't think women are... but the WT does)

  • metatron

    I'm horrified. Maybe I'm wrong saying this...... but I can understand why a woman would prostitute herself to provide for herself or others. Frankly, I can even understand a woman whoring herself even for drug addiction..... but how do you face these ignorant fools, day after day? knowing that they are uneducated clowns who rule merely because they have a penis?

    and that you don't even qualify to point cars to a parking space at an assembly?

    Why not be Jewish and defend Nazis? or a black lady fronting for the KKK? WTF?

    Wow! Maybe one of these legal 'ho's can start a family ...... and have a daughter...... who can be treated as an inferior being for all eternity in the JW paradise ! What a wonderful hope!


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I just recalled this fact. Rapists go out of there way to have female lawyers defend them. The jury tends to think that no woman would represent someone who was guilty of rape. I watched a female lawyer defend an alleged rapist in court. The man could have been innocent but I wondered how she could sleep at night.

    Of course, this female lawyer could be the most competent in this matter. Many Jews helped the Nazis administer the Holocaust. It shows that an occasional woman shows that women can do most jobs traditionally for men.

    Paul never received wages, let alone competitive wages, to promote the gospel. The Bethelites must love this hired gun. Yep, if I were a male Bethelite living on a pittance, working in the factory all day, knowing her wages would drive me crazy.

  • Paralipomenon

    Question, does she have to wear a head covering if there's a baptised male in the courtroom?

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    When working on behalf of DC news reporting, I was corrected when I referred to the portion of the newspaper featuring our story as the "religious" section. The proper form of the word is the noun "religion," not the adjective "religious."


  • skeeter1

    I second what Band said about rapists wanting females to represent them. Also, whether lawyers or car saleswomen, women are more likely to be taken as telling the truth. And, more quickly to be forgiven if there is a small mistake, clerical error, misunderstanding of the law, etc, that she can add to the argument. I call it the "sweetie" factor. Think of Legally Blond.

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