JWs preparing for some "Special Top Secret Meeting" does anyone knows about this?

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  • Free!!

    I wish I could get rid of all of them... but they are some family and heart ties I cannot cut easily Shamus....

    Also, even though I feel the all of their believes are garbage, I know there are some good misguided people among them... and i just wish I could get them out

  • ziddina

    Man, I would love to hear the details of all that "higher level of knowledge being taught to us"...

    That is, if anyone can even remember any of the details... A recording would be the best thing... Then we can analyse it to death come to appreciate the fine spiritual food provided by the 'spiritual mother', the Watchtower Corporation...

  • dreamgolfer

    Hey folks,

    I just wanted to add my 2 Cents. .....you know the famous line in Animal Farm "all animals are equal, some are more equal than others"

    Well with the Years of service and the Special connotation given to those of Status, why do the rest tolarate this behaviour? is it really Christ Like to base the inviation on who has served longer in the pecking order, or who is a pioneer, or elder etc? I think Jesus would be appalled.

    This is really a way to get the Oldest and most special to give more $$$$ think about it, more cha-ching in for the WEEKEND, a special we are tying in all the Assembly Halls, what a hoot that will be.

    And if you were NOT "LUCKY" enough to be invited, maybe you can feel better to work on your status for next time.

    Gimme a break! I am sick of it people.

  • Gayle

    Barbara Anderson got some notes from the one last Sat. All the stats boring I thought, except the baptism number was interesting. If that was the 'total' of their full service year then, at least that is showing a 69% 'decrease' from last year's. But someone thought that may have been the baptisms at just their District conventions only. Even still sounds very low..

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