JWs preparing for some "Special Top Secret Meeting" does anyone knows about this?

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  • Heartofaboy

    Exemplary conduct in whose eyes??

  • grewupjw1969

    Right Heartofaboy, I know my dad was invited and he is not a good or godly person. Not even the local JW's like him. They tolerate him.

  • WontLeave

    Things like this are the JW version of "Employee of the Month" plaques. There are entire books for managers on how to get more work out of employees without ever giving them any more money. Titles, "privileges", secret books, exclusive meetings, etc. are ways to get the slaves to row faster. Combine that with threats of both human and divine source and it makes the hours, placements, and donations add up.

  • out4good3

    I have a relative that has got an invite to this big meeting. I think they're going to Rosenburg, Texas for it.

    Sounds to me like it is just another yawn-fest.


    The WBT$ Special Top Secret Meeting..

    The end is near..Do more..The WBT$ GB is wonderful..

    God needs money..

    Please use the newly installed ATM Machines in the Assembly hall

    "That was the Best Special Top Secret Meeting Ever!"

    The End..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • Intel

    As a Bethelite I've had "my share" in "Zone Visits". This is like a UBER-District Overseer/Circuit Overseer. Usually some GB-Guy or representative (normally some Branch Committee member).

    Here is a summary of what to expect:

    +++< lots of it = (for losing time/energy/breath/money/.... for NOTHING)

  • ziddina

    Awright, kick me for being a sucker, but I'm curious as to what bullshyte "noo lite" will be spewed at this "special" meeting...

  • Quarterback

    No. It's not about that, at all.

    It's a special appearance from Katy Perry, and the Snoop Dog

  • Alfred

    in my area, a jw with "exemplary conduct" is basically a non-elder / non-pioneer who cleans toilets after meetings, reports at least 10 hours per month, and invites the congo overseer to social gatherings at least twice a year... yes, there are still a few jws that fit this mold and would get the left-over tickets in my area...

  • Quandry

    I hope they don't pass out sneakers, or ask everyone to state what flavor kool-aid they really like.

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