Did YOU Actually Believe That You Would Never Die?

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  • Ucantnome

    "Actually, it is ironic that the "anointed" jws have to die to get their reward"

    The Apostle Paul said they would be changed i'm sure.


    Of course..

    Little kids believe what their parents tell them..


  • Ucantnome

    I find it is interesting how in the New World Translation they translate Philippians 1:23 ( greek word analysat) instead of departing as releasing. In the Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures in the appendix page 1151 it says,

    "In no way is the apostle here saying that immediately at his death he would be changed into a spirit to be with Christ forever. Such getting to be with Christ the Lord will first be possible at Christ's return, when the dead in Christ will rise first,..."

    Surely the Apostle Paul ( from the understanding of death of JW's) would have no consious thought from the moment he closed his eyes in death. Time could not exist in death. Therefore he would be able to say that it was immediately at his death.

  • Heaven

    Yes, I believed this. But then I grew up.

    As a child, you believe pretty much what your parents believe and teach you. Entering my teen years was my awakening period, especially since the whole Big 'A' didn't happen when they said it would.

    I had a light bulb moment in high school one day. I was around 15 or 16 (this was about 3 to 4 years after 1975). It hit me like a ton of bricks...

    "Hey! I'm not supposed to be here in high school. This isn't supposed to be happening."

    But there I was. Nothing like reality versus the fantasies I was taught to begin my exit from the JW crapola.

  • Ding

    The WTS' "carrot" is giving people the hope and expectation that they will never die but will soon survive Armageddon into a paradise earth.

    The WTS' "stick" is its works system that portrays Jehovah as an angry perfectionist who is never satisfied with your miserable efforts.

    As the years pass without the arrival of the "just-around-the-corner" paradise earth, converts who were attracted by the carrot often find that they have been thoroughly beaten down by the stick.

    And the WTS convinces them that this is all their fault rather than the fault of the organization's false prophecies and its "constant-loyalty-and-endurance-tests" view of life.

    Because JWs have heard this WT spin so many times, the possibility that this is not the real message of the New Testament seldom, if ever, occurs to them.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    The sad part of this realisation, is that Im still coming to terms with the fact I will never see my darling mum ever again.

    When she passed away, I guess I was in a bubble, kind of wandering around like nobody or nothing could touch me, because I was SURE Id see her again in Paradise.....................that bit really sucks. It still does actually.

  • exwhyzee

    The sad part of this realisation, is that Im still coming to terms with the face I will never see my darling mum ever again.

    Aww Pams girl that is a sad thought indeed.... What nicer tribute could your mum want than to have you feel that way about her? I would love to even just hear my Mom and Dad's voices once more. Part of me knows that there is much more to the "big picture" than we can possibly realize. I have a certain sense that I will see them again somehow and that there is something good in store for us all. I know that sounds kinda froo-froo and I have no proof of any of it, but there is a strong feeling I carry around with me that tells me this could very well be the case. I think we are all in for a good laugh at ourselves when we find out how silly we have been about everything in this life.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Very true exwhyzee......some part of me deep deep down hopes this isnt all there is, and maybe, somehow, I will see her...maybe. I still feel her, smell her sometimes, you know that feeling you get, when peace comes over you as the person pops into your mind? Its been happening a lot these past few days for me....smelling her baking, her perfume, lots of butterflies around (her thing). Yes, I know theres a logical explanation. But the yearning to hold her again, that will never go away.

    Anyway, dont mean to derail the thread everybody...sorry.

    Paula x

  • Finally-Free
  • Diest

    Yes I did....Sadly enough.

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