It's official, the internet IS the Watchtower's nemesis!

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  • cedars

    Thanks nugget, I agree completely that there are whole range of factors influencing the percentage of growth for certain countries, which is why I stated Cuba and Malaysia as countries that bucked the general trend. However, surely it can be no coincidence that the overall trend indicates that the higher the internet penetration, the slower the rate of growth.

    A good way of finding out for sure would be to do an analysis of historical trends, but contrary to cantleave's suspicions, I don't have the time!!

  • cantleave

    LOL - Mate! I'll get nugget to do an analysis after her exams!!!!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Kind of off subject, but one country that surprised me was NORWAY. There was 2%? or so growth, and they're all supposedly godless bastards! But, I suspect there is some sort of immigrant population who is responsible for the growth, as seems is the case in the US.

  • cedars

    breakfast of champions - have you just stepped out a time machine? They're not all vikings in Norway these days you know!

  • nugget

    higher internet also relates to greater affluence and access to technology. It is complicated and these things are notoriously difficult to pin down . I don't doubt internet is a factor but knowledge is situated and what we find out is limited by the question we ask.

    You would need to look at trends over time and see what has been happening. for example there was a period not far back when certain countries were showing a negative growth and are now back in the positive. Over time internet penertration has increased so you would expect that if the internet was the major factor then the negative trend would have continued.

    Also the other issue you have is that the society has changed the rules allowing 15 min reports for those who struggle to go out . This means that the number of publishers has been artificially boosted and historical data is measuring different parameters.

    This is no mean undertaking but would be an interesting project

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Then again you only have to read a Watchtower from 15 years ago and compare it to one of the recent ones to see that they are in in decline and in siege mode.

  • cedars

    This is no mean undertaking but would be an interesting project

    I agree! Any statisticians in the house?!!

    I think Mad Sweeney wants to investigate in a bit more detail...

  • NewChapter

    Damn Cedars! The internet is NOT the WT nemesis! YOU are. Is there any end to your energy and creativity?


  • zoiks

    Correlation does not necessarily equate to causation, but this work you've done provides a great overall picture and makes some excellent discussion points. It may also add to a better overall understanding of what is happening within the world of the Watchtower.

    Well done, Cedars. I hadn't had the opportunity to congratulate you on the nice results from your previous efforts regarding the 'mentally diseased' WT article, so allow me to do that now as well.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • cedars

    zoiks - thanks for that! I haven't really done anything. All I did was hide behind a laptop and a telephone - cantleave and Amelia were the ones being interviewed by police!

    I agree that correlation does not necessarily equate to causation, it's far more complicated than that, and I apologise if (in my normal over-exuberance) I have given that impression. Hopefully this thread will at least inspire the more brainy ones among us to investigate!

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