New Literature Arrangement

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  • Quarterback

    Found Sheep: You mean that they started this all because you left? Thanks

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    i wish... well i wish i had that much power over the JW's I'd do a lot more harm though....


  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    I'm aware of picking up the public magazines on your own, depending on what is needed for the week.

    But as was stated in the OP, the whole thing about the private edition of the Watchtower being distributed to publishers by the group overseers, does not happen in my hall.

    And thus far, no one else is confirming it has or is happening in their hall. So, is the private edition meant to be distributed by the elders only? That is my question.


  • man oh man
    man oh man

    It is just easier to hand it out with the km so that each person that attends the meeting regularly will have a copy. Since the study copy of the mag is not used in the ministry the effort is to keep from throwing away as few unused copies as possible at the end of the month. The same goes with the km.

  • Pubsinger

    Soon the study edition will arrive in sealed packs. They will be guarded by 4 attendants. Opened during the song after the Public Talk. Distributed to people they recognise. Collected afterwards and counted in. No-one will be allowed to leave if the can't account for them all. They will then be destroyed.

    They will love this because it will fuel conspiracy theories about apostates, reinforce their seige mentality, make the local elders and attendants feel important and convince them that the Great Tribulation is near.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    I perceive we have a prophet in our midst

    Can someone just clarify for me . . . if there are no longer book studies, why is there a need for a group conductor who hands out kingdom ministries etc, are JWs still in 'groups'?

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Pubsinger's point is well taken: the new policy seems directed at limiting the public's access to the Kool-Aid edition; if true, it's a ludicrous exercise in futility.

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    ... to save paper costs ;-)

    “Do You Have a Standing Order?” A talk, preferably by the elder or ministerial servant who handles the magazines. Let the congregation know how many magazines are received each month and the average number that are reported as placed. We should not let magazines go to waste. Offer suggestions showing how older copies can be distributed.
    km 4/99 p. 2 Service Meetings for April

    The service overseer will also cooperate with the brother who cares for the magazine department. From time to time, the service overseer and the brother handling the magazines should compare the number of magazines that are requested each month with the number of magazines that are actually placed in the ministry. It may be that some publishers should reduce their requested quantity of magazines if these regularly accumulate in their homes. Magazines should not be wasted.

    km 7/92 p. 3 Question Box

    Avoid Waste: To be of real benefit, our literature must get into the hands of truth seekers, that is, those who are genuinely interested in our message and work. (Matt. 10:11) We should therefore avoid giving away literature indiscriminately to those who have not manifested real appreciation for the Bible’s message. Waste can also occur if we allow magazines, books, or other literature to pile up at home.

    km 10/91 p. 8 par. 4 Presenting the Good News—By Using Publications Wisely

    Each congregation should give careful attention to the ordering of magazines. It is good to order what you need. Quantities can be adjusted as the needs increase or decrease. It is good not to run out of magazines. At the same time, it is not good to have magazines accumulate, thus wasting paper.

    km 11/76 p. 7 Magazine Supply

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Sweet Pea - they're called service groups now. They still meet in publisher homes for Sat service like they did when there was a CBS. Each publisher is assigned to a group and the elder does the same thing he did (cleaning assignments, KMs & WTs, feeding speaker, etc) before just doesn't conduct a CBS.

    CoC - They're distributing them in the same way they distribute KMs(at least they're supposed to). I generally receive ours at the same time (KM is placed inside the WT with our names on them).

    I agree with man oh man, it's not to keep the Kool-Aid version private (they post it on their website) but rather to save money. I still believe there will be a time in the not too distant future when they will combine the KM with the WT "study" version. They could save a ton of paper doing that. As it is, they struggle to fill up the 4 pages and sometimes have huge print to take up space.

  • Quarterback

    It also is a good arrangement to make sure that you attend your meetings regularly.

    Most people can't predict when they are going to be sick during the month, so if they are planning to go out in the FS that weekend, they can only pick up their mags that week. Meeting attendance will soar.

    Yes, we have group Overseers. These ones are in charge of the weekend service arrangements that use to exist previously. Makes them feel still important.

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