New Literature Arrangement

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  • St George of England
    St George of England
    I still believe there will be a time in the not too distant future when they will combine the KM with the WT "study" version. They could save a ton of paper doing that.

    I would be very surprised at that; KM's are printed locally and supposedly written with that particular country in mind.

    Having said that it used to say "For Britain" on the front cover of ours and there were differences from the US version on the CD. That label has not been on the KM since 2008. It still annoys me that the WTS call us Britain, they just cannot get it right, it's GREAT BRITAIN. (Despite what HHG says)


  • jay88

    man oh man:It is just easier to hand it out with the km so that each person that attends the meeting regularly will have a copy. Since the study copy of the mag is not used in the ministry the effort is to keep from throwing away as few unused copies as possible at the end of the month. The same goes with the km.


    The process that is used to save a relatively small amount of unused copies of the "Private Edition" pales in comparison to the many millions of "Public Edition" magazines that are wasted.

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Thanks Doubting Bro. I don't doubt what has been said here. Now it's just obvious that the "arrangement" is not being followed in the congregation I attend. Oh well. No loss.


  • lostandconfused

    Sweet Pea- I asked my Dad the same question. The congregation is still in "groups", I think according to location. This makes handing out the KM's and Watchtowers easier, and in case of emergency or natural disaster (or armaggedon) the group is supposed to stay in contact with eachother.

  • JustThatGirl007

    The groups still meet for service on Sat mornings.

    The cong I last attended (w/ Baltar447, my husband) was distributing the study edition the same way they do the KM. I don't know baout other congs, though. Obviously, like CoC's cong, some are not doing it that way.

    I want to walk away from this and ignore it. Ugh. Maybe one day I will get to.

  • TonyT

    Aren't they worried about bloodguilt when spiritually weak ones are unable to partake of the fine provision of spiritual food, provided at the proper time, and as a result become bird food? :/

  • factfinder

    @Tony T- good question! The cong secretary told the brother who used to bring the magazines to me to stop. He feels I don't deserve them since I won't come to the meetings.

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